The Buck Stops With You

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Take Responsibility For Your Mistakes

When you make a mistake (and you will because you’re only human), promptly admit it, fix it and move on.

What a waste of resources used to figure out what happened when someone knows but is unwilling to say.

That time can be better utilized by resolving the problem.

And, the truth always comes out. The consequences are usually greater than if you had immediately admitted the mistake. Not only are you seen as untrustworthy, but you are also allowing the mistake to define you. When you are silent, you offer no resolution to fix the problem. When the truth comes out, you become known as the person who made the mistake and lied about it.

As a leader, the buck stops with you.

Don’t play the blame game and focus on the solution instead.

You’ll gain the trust of others and become recognized as a leader of integrity.

Have a great week!

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Nancy Kirk-Gettridge is founder of Phenomenal Image, an executive development firm focused on helping her clients gain confidence and take control of their careers. Confronting workplace challenges and her own limiting beliefs, Nancy is committed to helping her clients see themselves as qualified leaders and risk-takers. Nancy frequently writes about resolving gender bias in the workplace. Key topics include career management, leadership training/development, succession planning and overcoming workplace issues.
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