Career Strategy Coaching for Women
Tired of Settling for Work
that Does Not Fulfill Them

I provide the tools to help you get clear on your career path, know your value and not settle for less.

We work with aspiring women leaders frustrated with their careers. They feel stuck at their jobs and are not sure how to navigate through their workplace challenges.

Your landing on this website tells me you sense there has to be more than where you are now in your career. You want more and you’re willing to leave your comfort zone to live in your purpose and achieve your dreams. But you’re not willing to sacrifice who you are, your values or your family to get there.

I have good news for you because there is no better time than now to pursue your career goals. The numbers are in: Having women in positions of leadership and on boards helps increase a company’s bottom line.*  However, research also shows that women underestimate their skills and performance and have self-doubt.**

I’m sounding the alarm:

You are qualified!

You are uniquely and wonderfully made for a specific purpose. With your abilities, skills, and personality, you are a blessing to others in a way that only you can. This is your power.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s your gift from God! So if you dread your work, it’s a signal that something is out of place.  

Nancy Gettridge, Founder Why Coach Women Leaders

Hello!  I’m Nancy Gettridge, founder of Phenomenal Image. Whether you’re a business owner, returning to the workforce or want to move up the corporate ladder, I can help you align your career with your purpose and help you achieve your full leadership potential.  

 I am uniquely qualified because:

  • I know how it is to feel as if you’re at a standstill in your career. 
  • I know what it’s like to work at a job that doesn’t fully use your skills.
  • I can help you create a career strategy that accurately reflects your values, goals, and personality instead of letting the chips fall where they may.
  • I know how to navigate through office politics within a company’s culture without sacrificing values and authenticity.
  • I’ve coached others to achieve their career goals and I’ve assisted others in finding their style.
  • I’ve researched extensively the barriers against women in the workplace and how to overcome them.

When you are aware of your identity and understand your purpose in this world, you’ll become confident in taking risks, maximizing opportunities and having the peace of mind in knowing you can make a difference.  

why women leaders
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Here's my story...

My career stalled.

I listened to the noise about my limits as a black female, as a mother, as someone who did not know the game. I followed the advice of others (many who had good intentions) on what was best for me and put me in a box, which was not who I really was.

I worked at jobs that did not utilize my strengths. I was passed over for positions where I was more than qualified and given to someone who did not meet the minimum requirements of the job. Many times, I was afraid I would lose my job when I had to stay at home from work when my kids were ill.

That's when everything changed.

I was anxious about turning down an opportunity to appear on a television show.

Upset, I was trying to figure out why I was sabotaging myself. Later that evening, while cooking dinner, I had the television on in the background. A woman shared her story about feeling sorry for

“You can be pitiful or powerful, but you can’t be both.”

That was my “Aha.” I will never achieve my purpose if I sit on the sidelines instead of getting into the game. With the support of my inner circle, I pushed through my fears and began living my purpose.

I want the same for you.

Our Guiding Principles

We Dare to Dream…

Our vision is that every woman sees herself as qualified leaders and risk-takers.

We’re committed…

Our mission is to help women know their power, get clear on their career path, and refuse to settle for less.

Our business philosophy is to serve every customer as if they are our only customer.

We look at every person we encounter as a gift from God to serve them in a spirit of excellence. We are honored to be allowed into their private space. We do not take this lightly; We will so all we can to ensure our customers feel safe.

We will:

1. Strive to make every person feel welcomed and free to be themselves.
2. We will always act with integrity.
3. Listen to each client and be transparent in everything we do.
4. Be respectful of our client’s time.
5. Help tell their story of who they are through styling, training and coaching.
6. All interactions and transactions are confidential.

We are committed to your success and aim to be a source of acceptance, peace and confidence.

We invite you to work with us. We’ll help you feel confident in you and your future.

We Believe…

Our clients are able to find their own solutions, decide their goals and create a strategy to achieve those goals.

When you choose our services, we take on the role of coach, teacher and facilitator to help you reach your potential.

We are collaborative, solution-focused coaches. Through this approach, we provide support and practical feedback to help you effectively overcome career and workplace challenges.

Our coaching philosophy stress the importance of self-awareness, accountability and responsibility to live in your truth.

Our job is to ensure the foundation and tools are in place for you to get to the heart of the matter.

We bring structure and the principles of self-directed learning to help you live your purpose.

You are in total control of your coaching – You decide the goals and outcomes.

We primarily use the GROW coaching model; however, we also integrate other coaching approaches to offer a highly personalized program tailored to you.

We work with you to build on your strengths and attain the personal growth you are committed to achieving.

You can be assured that our priority is ensuring that you have the tools and resources necessary to know your power, own your career path, navigate competing demands and overcome workplace challenges.

Wondering whether you would be a good fit?

Our Ideal Client

From our experience, we found clients with these characteristics are most successful in our programs:

If you are willing to do the work, we invite you to apply for the program. Let's chat.

Client Testimonials

Our Image Strategy Services: A Client's Experience

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