How to Maximize Your Wardrobe by Accessorizing

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Feeling confident and being comfortable in your clothing are two of the most important things for the business professional: it allows you to focus on tasks at hand instead of wondering if anyone notices what’s wrong with your outfit (i.e. poor fit, etc.). We tend to reach for those articles of clothing that bring those feelings to mind and so that may mean that we wear the same outfit over and over again – so much so that it becomes your uniform. Wearing the same one or two outfits  can often get a person noticed for all the wrong reasons; so how can you extend your wardrobe without breaking the bank? One of the ways you can significantly increase the size of your wardrobe is by accessorizing. You can’t buy new clothes every day, but you can mix and match your outfits after you have worn all those new dresses. To maintain a fresh look to your attire, accessorizing provides you with a great option of making sure that you never look the same, regardless of the weather. For example, if it’s hot outside, it’s essential to wear something that keeps you cool but also makes you look stylish.  A majority of the people can layer clothing in the winter to look trendy, but in the summer, nobody wants to stuff themselves in layers of clothes. So, one of the best ways to look stylish and feel cool in the summer is  accessorizing.  When used in the correct manner, accessorizing can be a great way of enhancing your dressing and maximizing the potential in your summer wardrobe.
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Accessories such as belts, shoes, jewelry, bags are just different ways of spicing up your wardrobe. On almost any outfit you wear, the choice of shoes that you pair it up with can have a major impact. A stiletto, peep toe or a pump will instantly transform your attire, giving it a ‘sexy’ feel, while sandals and flip flops will render your attire as casual. Necklaces, such as colored beads, are another great way of altering your dressing. They add color, and uniqueness to even the simplest of dresses. A good necklace on a tank top can provide flair and add new appeal to it. Also, never underestimate the effect that a good handbag can have on your outfit. Whether you take a larger sized bag or a small clutch/ novelty bag, it can have a major impact on whether you want to look classy or casual. Belts provide another great way of adding variety to your wardrobe. If you use colored belts especially, it can have a major say on the combination of your top and bottom. For example, if you combine a black T shirt with black trousers and then add a colored belt, it can automatically provide a ‘funky’ look. The sky is the limit when it comes to using accessories to extend your wardrobe.  Try re-shopping your wardrobe by adding accessories and see what a difference it can make. [box type=”bio”] Nancy Kirk-Gettridge, founder of Phenomenal Image, is an executive coach and image consultant who can help you help you look like the leader you are while being comfortable and happy with your clothes; allowing you to focus on what you do best. [/box]
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