Learn the Powerful Secret Effective Leaders Undeniably Know About Delegating

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A leader wears many hats and understands that one of the most important tools in their arsenal is the skill of delegating. Face value, delegating is the ability to view tasks and assign them to other people. Sounds pretty simple, right? In fact, it might even sound like something you do in order to get […]

How To Regain Your Sanity Now When Your Co-worker Slacks

Co-worker is a slacker - woman sitting at desk with feet kicked up and yawn

I worked with a co-worker who said he doesn’t work hard, he works smart. His idea of working smart was having someone else do his work. This is more than delegating, he simply used his authority to have everyone do his work. He took credit when his team’s hard work shined; but he always blamed […]

Use These 10 Body Language Tips to Jumpstart Your Credibility and Career

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Your body language has already communicated before you’ve said a word. For instance, the way you tilt your head or smile say volumes before you open your mouth. Body language becomes crucial to career success, especially when your reputation is on the line. By paying attention to how you stand and move as you interact […]

Really Crush Effective Leadership with this Simple 4-Step Approach

Effective Leadership - Women at Board Going Over Report with Team

When you’re in a position of leadership, the quantity and quality of your work output depend on your team and your leadership skills. The good news is you can develop those skills through learning and practicing the keys to effective leadership. Effective Leadership is not something you can develop overnight. But if you’re consistently practice […]

Gain Absolute Clarity for a Fearless Career Path Using these 5 Tactics

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Clarity – That understanding is what you need to be successful. Clarity on what you want, what you love, and what you’re passionate about will help you pursue those things with the energy and passion your life deserves. Clarity is something we would all like to possess, but sometimes we just don’t. If you feel […]

Your Inner Critic – Conquer Your Fear of Being Discovered as A Fraud

Inner Critic - A Sign of An Angry Face illustration

Expose the Real Fraud – Your Inner Critical Voice There’s no deadlier critic than a harsh inner critic. Every negative message and comment directed towards us early in our lives end up as part of our internalized antagonist. Messages such as “You’re not good enough”, or “You’re incapable”, become part of our internal dialogue. Once […]

Stop Allowing Past Career Experiences Dictate Your Future Career Success

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Is your career success held hostage by your past career experiences? Have there been opportunities you have not pursued because a past experience has you second-guessing yourself? This is why you should move on from the past. Because the past can affect darn near every aspect of your life if you don’t let go. Don’t […]

14 Small Changes Guaranteed for Career Advancement

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What is a way that you can advance your career fast that doesn’t require you to complete a graduate degree or rescue your company from a hostile takeover bid? There are plenty of tweaks you can make to increase your value as an employee. Whether you seek a raise or more job satisfaction, these simple […]

Phenomenal Image is on Wisdom!

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Hang out with me Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m. CST on Wisdom.audio. Wisdom is a social audio app where mentors share their gems of wisdom share their wisdom with the world. I bet you have something to share on Wisdom. Here’s the link to the most recent episode: Episode 2: Career Tip: Are you mindful of […]