How To Regain Your Sanity Now When Your Co-worker Slacks

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I worked with a co-worker who said he doesn’t work hard, he works smart. His idea of working smart was having someone else do his work. This is more than delegating, he simply used his authority to have everyone do his work. He took credit when his team’s hard work shined; but he always blamed […]

14 Small Changes Guaranteed for Career Advancement

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What is a way that you can advance your career fast that doesn’t require you to complete a graduate degree or rescue your company from a hostile takeover bid? There are plenty of tweaks you can make to increase your value as an employee. Whether you seek a raise or more job satisfaction, these simple […]

Phenomenal Image is on Wisdom!

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Hang out with me Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m. CST on Wisdom is a social audio app where mentors share their gems of wisdom share their wisdom with the world. I bet you have something to share on Wisdom. Here’s the link to the most recent episode: Episode 2: Career Tip: Are you mindful of […]

Absolutely Know What Your References are Going to Say about You

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Ensure your job references will provide a positive review You received the dreaded “Thank you for your interest in the position, but we went with someone else,” email. You thought the interview went extremely well, so what happened? There could be several reasons you did not get the position. It could have been you didn’t […]

Review and Document Your Career Accomplishments

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Create a file that documents your career accomplishments. Recording your successes is beneficial for several situations, including: Negotiating your salary Asking for a promotion or raise Answering questions when interviewing Performance Reviews Updating your resume Boosting Your confidence What Accomplishments should I Document? You should record all accomplishments. Why? Because your accomplishment record becomes a […]