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Leadership Styles | Phenomenal Image

How to use Leadership Styles to Overcome Gender Stereotypes

Research suggests that women are perceived to possess support skills while lacking strategic skills such as vision. These stereotypes are the epitome of the Think Crisis, Think Female” Association and the Glass Cliff Phenomenon in which females have leadership qualities associated with failing companies and are more likely hired to lead organizations in precarious situations. These special …

Power of Your Words

The way you communicate is an important part of maintaining a positive public image.  Through your interactions, people form opinions about who you are, your intentions and whether you can be trusted.  Once someone forms an initial opinion of you, it’s difficult for them to change that impression.  That’s why it’s essential to understand the power of …

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How to Write Your Career Story

Assess Your Career Journey Whether you are aware of your career path or you are finding your way, conducting a self-assessment will help you get closer to work that fulfills your purpose and is meaningful to you. Self-assessment is taking inventory of what makes you who you are: Your past experiences, core values, your strengths, …

In the News: Not Sorry

A new app that was designed to improve women’s communication skills has been the topic of debate this month. The Just Not Sorry app is a Google Chrome email extension designed to help women sound more authoritative and confident by highlighting those words that sabotage their message. Created by Tami Reiss, who created the app …

Styled for work

Styled for Work

Wear the latest trends without Compromising Your Authority Most trends can be worn to work as long as its worn the right way.  For example, one of this season’s trends are printed skirts.  This Ann Taylor skirt shows a floral print that is not overwhelming with a neutral background color.   The jacquard fabric allows for …

My Private Stylist

Hire My private stylist for a fraction of the cost

Your appearance is a part of the puzzle to being a leader.  It is an overlooked strategy that complements your skills and abilities.   Wearing clothing that reflects your personality and supports your lifestyle will help you feel confident, achieve your goals, look younger and vibrant and get you noticed.  My Private Stylist can help you  …

Letting Go

Overcome Bitterness at Work

This is one of our first articles from our newsletter in 2006. This is very relevant even now and was a timely reminder for me. What do you need to let go? Not too long ago, I was very upset with someone close to me who I felt “let me down miserably”. I was so …

Interpersonal Skills

How to Improve your Interpersonal Skills

There has been many discussions about a coming shortage of qualified who can effectively carry out the vision of the organization in the midst of crisis.  The problem is not a shortage of leaders who do not have the technical skills; but a shortage of leaders that have interpersonal skills. Research shows that developing interpersonal …

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