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Six Questions You Should Answer Truthfully About Job Satisfaction

Find out whether Your Job Fulfills You Ever wondered why you devote so much time, energy and expertise to your current job? Well, you’re not alone. At one time or another, many of us have thought about whether it’s time for a change. Before you turn in your resignation, consider whether your job is fulfilling your needs. It’s Not Always “About the Benjamin’s” Job satisfaction is seldom measured by the amount of the paycheck (although …

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Career Development Opportunities at Your Company

Learn About Opportunities at Your Company Check out your human resources department to find out what’s available in terms of career development. Does your company offer tuition reimbursement? If so, learn about what’s required. Are there specific schools you have to attend? Do you need to commit to staying with the company for a specific period of time or does your degree have to be related to your current position? Do you need to receive …

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Review and Document Your Career Accomplishments

Create a file that documents your career accomplishments. Recording your successes is beneficial for a number of situations, including: Negotiating your salary Asking for a promotion or raise Answering questions when interviewing Performance Reviews Updating your resume Boosting Your confidence What Accomplishments should I Document? You should record all accomplishments. Why? Because your accomplishment record becomes a time-line for your growth. And on those days that you may feel like nothing is going right, reviewing …

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Plan Your Promotion

Where do you see yourself in your career in the next 24 – 36 months? This is a perfect time for you to prepare for your next promotion by finding out what is required for the position, taking inventory of the qualifications you lack and closing any gaps.  This may mean obtaining certifications, taking professional development courses or getting a degree. You may also need to gain experience.  Try looking for ways to expand your …

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View Delays and Denials as Opportunities

I am a firm believer that setbacks are opportunities in disguise. During her talk to Stanford Graduate School of Business students, Oprah spoke about how she was demoted from news anchor to work on the station’s talk show. It was when she was interviewing the ice cream guy that she knew she “found a home for herself”. Denials can also be blessings in disguise. For example, I was interviewing for a middle manager position at …

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Find the Best Opportunities to Advance Within Your Company

To advance in your company, you have to navigate the route to take. One of the best ways to do this is to “follow the money”. What areas of the company does the organization most invest? Is it Research & Development? Sales? Marketing? Operations? That’s the area ripe for opportunities. Where Do I Find This Information? The easiest way to locate pertinent information about your company is the annual report. In most countries, publicly held firms …


Seek the Help of Mentors and Sponsors

Mentors and sponsors are essential because they help guide you through the maze of tricks of the trade and prepare you for success in your career or business. Sponsors are necessary because they advocate on your behalf behind closed doors and help you advance in your career. A good mentor will share their experiences to prevent you from making some of the mistakes they made. They can also keep you accountable and focused on your …

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Stay Employable

You will most likely change professions/jobs throughout your career, so don’t allow yourself to become complacent in your current job. Look for ways to become employable (possess a variety of skills that are transferable between jobs). Some of the ways to do this is to learn other functions/roles within your company through volunteering, seeking projects to work on, etc. Another way to develop skills are to take courses to obtain the skills you lack for …

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Overcome Bitterness at Work

This is one of our first articles from our newsletter in 2006. This is very relevant even now and was a timely reminder for me. What do you need to let go? Not too long ago, I was very upset with someone close to me who I felt “let me down miserably”. I was so disappointed that for many weeks. I would cry and sulk to anyone who would listen. I mean, I was mistreated, …

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