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How to Write Your Career Story

Assess Your Career Journey Whether you are aware of your career path or you are finding your way, conducting a self-assessment will help you get closer to work that fulfills your purpose and is meaningful to you. Self-assessment is taking inventory of what makes you who you are: Your past experiences, core values, your strengths, …

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Why Women Leaders?

My choice to focus on aspiring women leaders is two-fold. According to a recent report, although more women graduate with masters+ degrees and are managers, few women become senior leaders (i.e. CEOs, CFOs, etc. ). Women are almost half (47%) of the total work force in the U.S.; but only a fraction (4%) were CEO at Fortune …

The Cost of Missed Opportunities

During the early years of my image consulting business, a producer for a nationally syndicated television show invited me to appear on the show as an “expert”.  I was excited and accepted the invite. However, I started to second-guess myself and began to fear being on the show. . I began to wonder whether I was ready for the …

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Make Criticism Your Friend

It’s difficult to receive less than positive feedback when you believe you are performing at your best.  It can be a blow to your self-esteem and your first reaction may be to dismiss it as “hater-aid” and defend your position.  But before you get ready for war, let’s just consider its merits. Take a moment …

Stay in the Game

I love the Olympics – – the opening and closing ceremonies, the competitions, the athletes (who train for years to reach this pinnacle of success) going for the gold for their perspective countries.  What inspire me are the stories of what the athletes endured to make it to the games.   I am enamored by the …

Save Money

Save Money

SAVE $$$ This is the beginning of a series in which we will highlight finds on great ways to save money while looking like the leader you are.  Each week we will highlight a specific company or item that can assist in your transformation.  The first company this week is: (aka    I …

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