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Hang out with me Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m. CST on Wisdom is a social audio app where mentors share their gems of wisdom share their wisdom with the world. I bet you have something to share on Wisdom. Here’s the link to the most recent episode: Episode 2: Career Tip: Are you mindful of […]

Break the Rules Template

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Our Break the Rules Template will help you challenge the limiting beliefs that keep you on the sidelines.  No opt in necessary.  Just click on this link. You can receive other templates like this as well as tips and news from Phenomenal Image straight to your email.   Just complete the form below to sign up.

January Resource: DiSC Assessment

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DiSC Assessment DiSC is a proven research based behavior profiling tool that makes one aware of how to identify and utilize the way they communicate and understand how others communicate. DiSC helps you understand yourself by learning what makes you unique and appreciate the value in those around you. DiSC assessments can be utilized in […]

Clothing for Leaders

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Custom Clothing | Made to Measure | Private Label One of the best feelings and confidence booster is wearing clothing that is customized to fit you personally. There’s no pulling, stretching or adjusting – just a perfect fit. The following companies provide clothing designed to help you feel free to do what you do best; […]

Get involved

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Meeting other like-minded women can inspire and motivate each other to achieve their goals. When we help and encourage each other in support our goals, there’s nothing we cannot do. There a lot of opportunities that are not posted. Building your network through professional associations can help you maximize hidden opportunities. Here are some ideas […]