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A coach can help you a become better you – You’ll gain clarity, accountability, and focus to see your career goals through.  

We believe that a well-rounded leader must take care of her whole self: Spirit, mind and body. We take a holistic approach with our clients by integrating coaching, skills training and image consulting programs to help each client feel confident, competent and credible.



Image Consulting

Proactive Strategy Success System

Each service described is a part of our signature program, Proactive Strategy Success System, a 12 month coaching and training system based on our Career Strategy Blueprint and grooms you into the exceptional leader you aspire to be. Here are the stepping stones that comprise our program:

Life Purpose Coaching
1. Know and Own Your Power

Knowing your power involves embracing what makes you unique and understanding your purpose. It’s being aware of your strengths and weaknesses and being okay with your imperfections. You’re not supposed to be perfect – no one is. Your skills, abilities, and purpose become your foundation that you can use to guide your decisions and actions. The path to finding your purpose peaks with creating your personal power statement: Your manifesto.

This program is great for you if:

  • you are unsure about your purpose in life
  • you lack confidence in who you are
  • you are not sure about what to do with your life
  • are unclear about your skills and abilities
  • want to stop holding yourself back due to fear
  • want to develop such a strong belief in your potential and feel unstoppable  

Career Strategy Coaching
2. Get Clear on Your Career Path

Owning your career path is having a clear sense of direction of what you want in your career. Your career is the means to achieve your purpose. By setting goals, you have a road map to achieve your career dreams. Armed with your purpose, you can formulate a plan that will help you achieve your career goals faster.

This program is excellent for you if:

  • you are unsure about the next steps in your career.
  • you are unsatisfied with your current career progression
  • unsure that you’re on the right track in your career
  • you are considering changing industries
  • are affected by downsizing, lay-off, or other job loss

Leadership Development
3. Develop Your Leadership Muscle

Successful leadership is more than regurgitating theory, hearing yourself talk and/or looking authoritative.  We help you develop the essential qualities necessary to become an exceptional 21st century executive. 

Are there any skills you lack or may need to improve? We help you gain it. What is the degree or educational requirements for the leadership position you aspire? Executive leadership requires a shift in mindset from managing tasks to creating vision and executing strategy.

This program is awesome for you if:

  • you aspire to senior leadership
  • your company lacks a formal leadership development program
  • you want to obtain the skills necessary for leadership
  • are a manager who wants to improve employee engagement
  • you want to become a more effective leader

Business Image Consulting
4. Executive Presence/Personal Branding

How do you show up to connect with those around you? What are you known for? We tackle executive presence –  what that means to you and your career as a leader and how to achieve it. Learn how to develop a leadership presence that reflects the real you.

A part of being powerful is being confident in your skin. You’ll also learn how to use clothing as a tool to achieve your career objectives. The goal of strategic dressing is making sure you fit with the company’s dress culture while adding your own style. Use your clothing to convey your qualifications as a leader and as a resource for your career plan.

This program is wonderful for you if:

  • you want to build your personal brand
  • you want to communicate more effectively
  • you want to learn how to handle tough situations with confidence
  • you want to learn how to integrate your personal values and personality into your communication with others
  • you want to inspire others as a leader
  • you want to develop the soft skills necessary for career advancement
  • you want to look, act and sound like a leader, while being true to yourself

Executive Coaching
5. Overcoming Workplace Challenges

As your career journey progresses, you will experience setbacks, barriers, and other challenges. Bias, discrimination, harassment, pay inequity, and faulty beliefs may sabotage your success. We help you ask yourself the hard questions and plan how you should respond. When you do, you may find that the situation becomes less stressful. Being aware of those situations and creating a plan to overcome them will help take some sting from such experiences and is less likely to overwhelm you.

For instance, consider balancing life and work.

Is there really such a thing? Don’t spread yourself thin by trying to spend all of your efforts attempting to balance your needs with the needs of your family and work. It’s a myth that you can perfectly balance work and life. Your personal life will spill over into your work life and vice versa. The key is to make it work for you. Stress, time management and organization challenges can be overwhelming. A healthy integration is a necessity! We help you pinpoint what’s causing the most stress in your life and explore solutions to improve the situation.

This program is for you if:

  • you are experiencing a barrier to your career progression
  • workplace issues are weighing you down
  • you need a sounding board to help you sort your thoughts
  • you feel you are failing as a leader and you’re not sure how to turn everything around
  • you are experiencing a crisis that affects your career

Career Strategy Coaching
6. Manage Your Career

It’s important to review your career goals to make sure you’re on track to meet your career goals. You can also take this time to explore whether your goals are still relevant to your needs and to tweak as necessary. We’ll help you conduct a “State of Your Career” review. We will help you go over your career goals to adjust for any changes and to ensure you’re on track to achieving your career goals.

This program is for you if:

  • you have not achieved your career goals and not sure why
  • you’re unsatisfied with your career path

To learn more about our Proactive Strategy Success System, click here.


Understanding ourselves helps us to comprehend the value in those around us. DiSC is a behavioral tool that helps you learn about what makes you unique and learning about what makes others significant in their own way. DiSC assessments are beneficial in various ways; including helping to hire the right candidates for the right positions, leadership development, and conflict resolution.

We use DiSC assessments to help our clients realize their communication strengths and challenges and identify what motivates their behavior. Our clients also learn how to differentiate the behavioral needs of those around them. After working with us, our clients can communicate with others in a way that empowers, motivates and encourages their peers, employees and supervisors.

We offer various types of assessment tools that complement our DiSC assessments, including motivation and 360 degree assessments. These can help you understand the “why” of your behavior and how others view you. This is beneficial in helping you see how others perceive you.

Learn more about our assessments.


Confidence Coaching:

We help you develop your core underlying belief that reflects genuine confidence; helping you stop self-sabotage and procrastination to create true confidence to achieve your goals.

Life Purpose Coaching:

Want to live a life filled with meaning? Discover your purpose. Each of us has a purpose and your career is your means of living in your purpose. We can help guide you to discover your life purpose and help you develop a map to live in your purpose.

Life Story Coaching:

Each of us has a story, but what if I told you that the story you believe about you may be more fiction than fact? Our life stories are muddled by our interpretations, the influences of other people, our limited memories, and our meaning of each event. Is your life story holding you back from becoming or doing what you aspire to do? Using proven, step-by-step tools and strategies, you can re-write your story, release limiting beliefs, and empower your self-talk.

Success Coaching:

Does a specific goal elude you? We support you in achieving your goals, whether business, personal or career. We help you identify what’s been holding you back, provide goal-setting processes to prepare you to live your dreams and become your accountability partner to keep you focused and on track.

Image Consulting | Personal Branding

We help you make your best impression even better. You’ll learn your style personality, body type, facial shape and other style assessments so you can shine in your style.

You will also work on etiquette, create a core professional wardrobe, help you find a modern hairstyle that is professional and improve your communication skills. We help you achieve a polished, professional appearance inside and out, so you can concentrate on what you well.

Where could you use some help?

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