Feeling Stuck in Your Career?

You May Need A New GPS System!

“Ughhh! I did it again! Why didn’t I use the freakin’ map?”

Now you’re twenty minutes late and you don’t even know where you are.

You can feel the frustration setting in. 

And on top of that, other drivers are getting on your nerves.

If only you turned on your GPS…

Why Not Use GPS?

GPS provides step-by-step directions to your destination and other neat things like having the option to avoid construction areas and toll roads.  You can also get an estimate on how long your trip will take and some may even alert you to traffic and ways to bypass.

This tool eases a lot of the stress that comes with being on the road.  Not to mention it can minimize time and save you money.

That’s the same with your career path.  A lack of a clear, actionable plan to achieve your career goals will cost you time, money and frustration.

Without your career GPS, you may find yourself unsatisfied, hoping that in time, you will eventually get to your dream career.  

In the meantime, you settle for a position that offers no opportunities for advancement as you continue to be passed over an executive position. For now, you settle for a salary that covers your expenses (but no real savings), so you’re looking for other ways to supplement your income. 

There’s a better way…

Hi, I’m Nancy Gettridge, Founder of Phenomenal Image.

Nancy Gettridge | Phenomenal Image

Like GPS, a career coach can help you navigate to your dream career.

You will be able to assess opportunities and challenges, understand what skills you may need, know your worth and be able to negotiate your salary accordingly.  

A career coach can help you figure out whether to move up the corporate ladder, enter another industry or decide to go into business for yourself.

We created this website to provide the tools and resources to help you get clear on your purpose, maximize opportunities, and take greater control of your career.  

Our mission is to help each client see herself as a qualified leader and risk-taker. 

Learn how a career coach can help your career. you can create a career strategy that reflects your core values, skills and beliefs.

Want to learn more about how a career coach can help your career?

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