Mind Your Manners while Holiday Shopping

Last Updated on 21 March, 2019 by Editor

6TM9KCRP625X Now that the Christmas holiday season has officially started, it is important to mind your manners (and safety) to maximize your holiday shopping enjoyment.  Here are a few tips that will help you stay safe while taking advantage of holiday sales:

Dress appropriately

Many stores are going to be pretty warm due to increased customer traffic as well as just simply heating the building due to the cold weather, so forgo wearing heavy coats that you will most likely have to carry around and opt for layering such as a pull-over sweater and a light jacket (if necessary). Additionally, wear well-made shoes that can protect your feet from the weather as well as others accidentally stepping on your feet. Last, forgo the big bags or purses as it can not only attract criminals, but will load you down when having to carry shopping bags.  Instead carry a small wallet or bag that can be worn close to your body.  (i.e. shoulder bag with straps long enough to cross over the front of your body).

Don’t bring small children

If at all possible, try not to bring the kids shopping with you as they can become distractions from shopping that unfortunately criminals take advantage by attempting to shoplift you while you are tending to kids.  Additionally, it’s just not a good idea to bring small children when stores are congested and during holiday retail sales, emotions can run high from other shoppers who may be impatient with the long lines, increased traffic, etc. that make for an unpleasant situation for the children.
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Practice etiquette when standing in line 

  • No cutting in line.
  • Get in line at the same time with your shopping buddies (if applicable) at the same time to prevent awkward situations where they are still shopping and you allow them to cut in front of you while waiting in line – it’s rude and not fair to the others behind you who have been waiting in line.
  • No pushing or shoving
  • Don’t play loud music
  • No cursing
  • Don’t talk on cell phone
  • No yelling
  • Be patient – increased customer traffic will create longer lines.
  • Don’t forget to say “please” and “thank-you”.

Consider alternatives to shopping

  • Shop online.  Most of the time the same (or better) deals are available and during this time, shipping is usually free.
  • Shop Television shopping networks.  QVC, HSN and others offer great deals and offer flex-pay on key items that can be spread over months.  Make sure you set a budget and keep it.
There may be situations where others may be rude to you.  Don’t allow that to change who you are.  Choose to stay calm, classy and patient.  It’s only things that can be replaced and will be replaced when it’s no longer of value to the purchaser anyway. Have a great holiday shopping experience and remember to enjoy your Christmas by choosing to not be stressed while shopping. 6TM9KCRP625X
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