How Drinking Water Benefits You and Your Career

Our bodies are composed primarily of water and is needed to function properly. And the benefits of drinking water are numerous!

Besides flushing out toxins that builds up in the body through pollutants, water also improves your complexion and promotes weight loss.

But did you know that drinking water also increases alertness, attention and speeds up your reaction time; potentially making you more than 14 percent more productive than those who don’t drink water.?

Because our bodies depend on water to function properly, it’s no surprise that water is a necessity. So what type of water should you drink?

Begin where you are: Tap water may suffice, filtered water may be better, but natural alkaline water (pH 7+) makes a big difference. And It’s also important to drink at least a half a gallon (2 liters) of water daily.

I know what you may be thinking, “That’s too much and besides, I’m not in love with the taste”.

Great news! Just because water is essential doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy drinking water. Get creative. Add some flavored ice, use a colorful straw and drink from a funny cup, buy carbonated, or add pieces of fruit to “turn it up”.

Let’s take it up a level by taking a moment to relax while drinking your water.
Take a few seconds to “taste” the water. This may sound weird, but try closing your eyes and feel the water ease down your throat as you drink. It tastes so much better when you ”taste” it. Try it!

Whether you like water cold or at room temperature, treat yourself to a refreshing beverage that’s good for you.

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Do It Now:

Don’t get enough water each day? Try scheduling your water intake. For example: Eight (8-ounce) cups of water is half a gallon. You could drink 1 cup in the morning after brushing and 1 cup on the way to work. Sip on a cup throughout the day and drink a cup during lunch. Sip on another cup in the afternoon and one on the way home. Drink one cup during dinner and the last one while you unwind, whether for you that’s reading, relaxing or watching t.v.

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