Communication Blunders

Identifying Image Blunders and How to Correct Them

Your image is your story about you.  Your story has many chapters and includes your personality, behavior, body language, communication style and appearance.  Sometimes image blunders in these areas can cause your story to become lost in translation; sending messages that does not present a favorable picture of you. The good news is that all of these errors can be corrected.   For example, poor posture may create the impression that you have low self-esteem or lack confidence.  A way to correct poor posture is through specific physical exercises. Your public image consist of three areas:  Communication, Appearance and Attitude.  Please click on each picture below to quickly access each area.   At the beginning of each section, I describe common mistakes that  many of my clients have experienced.  After the list of mistakes, we explore ways to correct those blunders.  Let’s get started – Click on the first picture (Communication):