Leadership Style and It’s Importance

Leadership style are those behaviors demonstrated by a leader during certain management situations.  There is no “one-size-fit-all” leadership style that makes a leader effective and different styles are called for in various circumstances. .

Daniel Goleman’s (2000) research found that leaders use six leadership styles: Commanding – Direct and demands immediate compliance; Visionary – Rallies people toward a vision;  Affiliative – creates agreement and an emotional bond; democratic – builds commitment and participation; Pace-setting – sets high standards for performance and coaching – develops people for the future.   It is not out of the ordinary to use a combination of these styles.  It is essential to develop your leadership style as your style sets the climate of the organization, affects performance and ultimately your organization’s bottom line.

.Be True To You.

As women leaders, it is important to find and express yourself as strong, competent and confident, yet feminine.  There have been many women leaders who have attempted to suppress their femininity or as an attempt to lead in a non-gender way for acceptance.   Unfortunately, many times this has left the leader in a crisis of individuation because the leader begins to feel like she is living a lie.  The key is finding the core of who you really are..

Effective leaders can be authentic and do not have to become a completely different person when in a leadership position.  A person’s mannerisms and personality does not have to change when developing into a leader (That does not mean that you may decide to make some changes after becoming more aware of the improvements needed to become a better leader).  It is important to develop your own leadership style based on your own set of beliefs, personality traits and leadership skills.  We’ll help you find out which style best describes you so you can lead without sacrificing your values.

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Nancy Kirk-Gettridge is founder of Phenomenal Image, an executive development firm focused on helping her clients gain confidence and take control of their careers. Confronting workplace challenges and her own limiting beliefs, Nancy is committed to helping her clients see themselves as qualified leaders and risk-takers. Nancy frequently writes about resolving gender bias in the workplace. Key topics include career management, leadership training/development, succession planning and overcoming workplace issues.
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