How to Dress Your Body at a minimal cost while Losing Weight

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A common question I hear is what to wear while losing weight. Ideally, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothing while on your weight loss journey, but everything you own is now baggy on you, you still have more weight to lose and you still have to maintain your professional presence. What to do?  Every 10 pounds lost is approximately 1 clothing size, so it’s best to do a little planning.  Here are some tips to assist you in your wardrobe while on your journey:

Foundation clothing

The basis of looking great while losing is wearing the right undergarments. To maximize their use, try wearing underwear that are made out of fabrics that stretch or cling to the body. For shape wear, Spanx is comfortable and will ensure that you maintain a smooth silhouette. In terms of bras, go for ones that can maintain their shape and will stay in place until you have to purchase a smaller bra. When it’s time to purchase your bra, get measured by an expert. Let her know that you are losing weight and she can offer insight on which bra can be worn after the longest while losing weight. Wearing the correct bra will do wonders for your posture and help make you look slimmer. I realize that lingerie can become expensive, especially when losing a lot of weight, but it is well worth it in terms of helping you look great while losing weight.


To maximize existing clothing, Darts can make a difference in making a fuller top look more feminine and slimmer. A dart is a type of seam can be sewn anywhere on a garment to “pinch” it in. When having to purchase new shirts/blouses for work, look for shirts that have some stretch that will allow you to wear for a couple of sizes.

Wear dresses and skirts

A-line dresses and skirts are great because most body shapes look great in A-line clothing and won’t look baggy as you lose weight and can be paired with suit jackets you may be able to still wear as you lose weight. What is also nice about A-line dresses and skirts is that a simple taper along the sides of the garment for a narrower fit as you lose weight will also maximize wear. Additionally sheath dresses and wrap dress can be worn across various sizes and looks great.

Wear clothing that has some stretch to it

Clothing that may has lycra or offers some stretch will make the most use for clothing. Knits are also a great choice and can be worn while going through changes in size.

Accessorize, Accessorize Accessorize!

A great pair of shoes, handbag, belts and scarves can allow you to change up your look without spending lots of money of outfits.

Important tips

Alterations. Getting alterations on articles of clothing from your former size will extend the wear of your investment as well as save money. Putting darts on shirts are relatively inexpensive and simple, and can be handled by your local tailor at your dry cleaner. For more expensive or complicated alterations, you may want to look for an independent tailor. Please note: If you choose to get your clothing altered, you may consider that some alterations may be more expensive than others because of the work that may be involved. If the alterations cost more than the purchasing a new garment, then it may be better to forgo the alteration for that particular item. Shopping. You can find great deals at many discount stores , clearance racks, outlet malls, consignment shops, and thrift stores. Ross, TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, Target (Jason Wu has a line coming out), Kohls, etc., even Wal-Mart (Miss Tina line) will offer inexpensive clothing while losing weight. Macy’s also has some great everyday values that are inexpensive and can be mixed into your wardrobe. Don’t forget your power suit.  Have a tailor alter an existing suit or purchase one that is of good quality. A power suit is a necessity and it does not have to be expensive. For interviews, business meetings, etc., make sure the suit is in a neutral color that can be matched with other clothing. Purge your clothing of baggy clothing. Weight is just as much a psychological change as it is a physical change. Purging the clothing you can no longer fit can be used as a symbol that you have moved on from your past and look forward to a new beginning. If clothes are worn, throw them out and if not, give/sell them to someone who can wear. Note these are clothing that you have not professionally altered. Do not sabotage your success by “planning” to get clothes altered — If you are not going to alter them within the next couple of weeks, then you will most likely not – let them go. Throughout this month, I will share other tips on how to maximize outfits while losing weight. When you look good, you feel even better and it will assist you in achieving your weight loss goals.  
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