Are You Mindful of Your Professional Worth?

Experience is an excellent educator.

Every day, a range of mindful experiences fill our lives. A large amount of these encounters are ordinary events, while others are extraordinary. Some are special, they’re groundbreaking.

It doesn’t matter whether the experience is common or outstanding; it offers us a teaching moment.

Most of us will leave an exceptional encounter with a new perspective. However, few of us see the enlightenment in daily routines that take up most of our time. This awareness of learning potential in mindfulness.

Successful business leaders understand the concept of mindfulness and use it to their advantage.

Being mindful comprises recognizing that all you do has merit – understanding that regardless of what you are doing, you can improve. In business, this implies that you focus better on every task. You acknowledge that each assignment fits into others and together they make up the whole of your business. On the off chance that you attempt to take a shortcut or cut corners on the smallest of things, it only undermines the most significant positions.

For example, we scheduled a contractor to mow our lawn. We provided specific instructions for the mow and paid extra to perform the services. The detailed directions we provided to the contractor were preparation for a lawn project that begins the day after the scheduled mow. The contractor agreed to the terms.

On the scheduled day, the contractor arrived near dusk. When the contractor told us he had completed the work, we were disappointed to find that despite our instructions; the contractor did not perform the tasks as agreed. It was haphazard at most, and that delayed the other work we had scheduled for the next day.

TIP:  Career Development Opportunities at Your Company

You may think your role at your company does not matter, but it does. Your job is an integral part of your organization’s success. When you attempt to do your best at the most basic jobs, that mindset carries over into other areas and brings a new level of excellence to the entire company.

It is important to use every experience as a teaching moment. Become mindful of any behaviors that undermine your work and change them into more productive actions.

Your career will improve from this simple attention to detail and can position you as a reliable and conscientious leader.

Do It Now – Become More Mindful:

We discussed how being mindful involves thinking that everything you do has merit, and no matter what you are doing, there is room for improvement. Think about a recent incident in which you could improve. What resources or courses do you need to help you improve?

Using your favorite search engine, search for those resources.

Is there a cost involved? If so, what is your budget? Is there a free or low-cost alternative? For example, if you need to take a course, many free and low-cost courses are available on sites such as Coursera, EdX, Khan Academy, and others.

I would love to hear your responses. Talk to me on Wisdom, daily at 11:00 a.m. CST.

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