We Help You Get From Where You Are NowTo Where You Want To Be in Your Career.

A coach can help you a become better you. You’ll gain clarity, accountability, and focus to see your career goals through.

A well-rounded leader must take care of her entire self: Spirit, mind and body. We take a holistic approach with our clients by integrating coaching, skills training and image consulting to help each client feel confident, competent and credible.

We believe our clients are able to find their own solutions, decide their goals, and create a strategy to achieve those goals.  When you choose our services, we take on the role of coach, teacher and facilitator to help you reach your potential. 

Our job is to ensure the foundation and tools are in place for you to achieve your career goals, while being true to your values. We bring structure and the principles of self-directed learning to help you live your purpose.

You are in total control of your coaching – You decide the goals and outcomes.

About Our Programs

Private Coaching for you

Our private program is a 1:1 career strategy program that grooms you into the exceptional leader you aspire to be.

Learn with Peers in our Group Program

Our group program is based on our Career Strategy Blueprint, a guide to help you navigate your career journey.

Get your Annual Career Check-up

A lot can happen in a year. Our annual check-up is an opportunity to take a breather and look at your career. 

Get Laser Focused and Succeed

Laser coaching is an efficient and effective way to stay on track on reaching your goals. Here’s how:

Join our Qualified! LinkedIn Group

Get support, networking opportunities, mini-coaching sessions and more from this group of amazing women.

The Plan - The Process

All of our programs begin with preparing and laying your foundation for career success. Becoming aware and affirming what makes you tick, your core values, personality, abilities, skills and life purpose, so you can always show up as your authentic self. We then explore what you need in your career; from the type of workplace culture, you thrive in the physical environment you need in order to be the most productive.
Once you are clear on who you are and have defined what success looks like in your career, we build your framework by setting your career goals, developing the skills needed to achieve your vision. Understanding the importance of effective communication, we help you develop a presence that is authentic, supports your talents, and position you as a competent, confident, and credible leader.
As you navigate and manage your career path, you will experience delays, challenges and obstacles. Together, we will tackle each situation head-on and explore diverse resolutions to get you back on track and motivate you to push through any issues as they arise.

At the completion of our strategy coaching programs, you will...

  • Be clear on who you are and what you need to maximize your definition of success
  • Know what you want in your career and have a strategy to get there
  • Develop the skills essential for effective leadership.
  • Have a professional public image that reflects your personality and style.
  • Understand your natural leadership personality and how you best communicate with others
  • Know how to navigate the ebbs and flows of your career journey
  • Be confident in your abilities to achieve your dream job and your future

It’s possible – Let’s create the strategy for your dream job.  Schedule a call now.

Client Testimonials

Some love words from clients

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