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Concrete pillars

Be confident – Plan your success

Gain More Confidence | Get Clear On Your Career Path Does this describe you? I want to be myself at ...
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Position Yourself as Qualified

Develop my Leadership Skills | Executive Presence /Personal Branding Is this you? I get passed over for leadership positions.I was ...
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Pilot Your Career

Does this describe you? I'm not sure whether I should stay at my company. I need to prepare for my ...
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What Makes You Valuable

What Makes You Valuable?

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash Behind all the titles, who are you really? Do you know how valuable you are? Unfortunately, instead of seeking this answer from the Creator, ...
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Work-Life Balance

Is Work-Life Balance A Fairytale?

Every-day life can be a challenge. Work, family, and community responsibilities compete for attention. Businesses are open 24/7 because of technology and globalization. It may feel like a juggling act ...
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What If You Own Your Career Path?

Owning your career path is having a clear sense of direction for what you want in your career. Owning your career does not mean that your path will be linear, ...
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Using Your Powerful Voice

Find Your Powerful Voice

When you speak, do people stop and take notice? Do they listen to you? Can you command the attention of a room? If your answer is yes, then you understand ...
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Leading Conference Call Without The Title

Leading Without The Title

A term frequently used by companies is a “team player”. Several jobs require that employees become team players. You may have heard “team players” so often that it becomes an ...
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A Conflict or An Opportunity?

When you experience a violent storm, it’s easy to complain about the weather. The rain, wind, thunder, and lighting can seem very terrifying. But to the farmer, storms are beneficial: ...
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Do You Really Need A Career Coach?

You’re great at finding the best deal and winging it. Your motto may be, “If I don’t know something, I can figure it out.” You’re a pro at searching to ...
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