Private Coaching
For Those Who
Need A More Personal Approach

You want something deeper, wiser, more aligned, and truly sustainable to support you as you spread your wings + soar to greater heights in your career and beyond.

Our Proactive Strategy Success Program is a 12-month, private, customized coaching program that grooms you into the exceptional leader you aspire to be. Here are the steppingstones that comprise our program:

A full year of private, customized career strategy coaching to prepare, groom and achieve your ultimate career goals.

Stepping Stones

Taking a holistic approach, each coaching focus builds upon the previous step. The first step serves as the foundation:

Proactive Career Strategy

In this foundation building phase, we perform an intensive career check-up to gauge where you are in your career and to explore what you really want in your career. By creating your power statement, you will align your unique abilities to your career needs. Setting your career goals, you will create and execute your action plan. Monthly, we will review your plan and tweak as necessary.

By the end of this phase, you will be clear on what you want in your career and have a road map to get there.

Proactive Leader Strategy

You will discover your leadership style. You will also learn which skills are essential for executive leadership and take inventory of the skills you need to develop.

Learn how to shift your mindset from managing tasks to creating vision and executing strategy.

By the end of this phase, you will have developed the essential qualities to become an exceptional executive.

Proactive Brand Strategy

Discover how to be comfortable in your own skin while positioning yourself as a qualified leader who is ready to advance. You’ll build your personal dream team to help develop your personal brand. We’ll also explore and address the internal and external barriers that may prevent you from looking and acting like a leader.

Identify your fashion style and learn what clothing works best for your personality. Learn how to enhance your look with makeup, update your hairstyle, add accessories, and build your professional wardrobe.

By the end of this phase, you will have a positive public presentation that reflect your personality, style and career goals.

Executive Coaching

Managing your career is important because it helps you navigate the ebbs and flows of your career path.

Throughout your career, you may experience challenges such as conflicts with colleagues, salary disparity, sexism, ethical dilemmas, competing life and work demands, high expectations, and other crises that may affect your career trajectory.

Coaching can help you put everything in perspective and get you back on track.

The Proactive Strategy Career Success System helps you see yourself as a qualified leader and risk-taker.

What to Expect:

You'll also have access to our Career Achievers course to supplement your private coaching. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


What makes you valuable?

Before you can take control of your career, you must first know your value. We help you discover your power. You’ll become more confident in who you are and what you offer to the world.


Gaining Clarity in Your Career

We’ll help you gain a clear sense of direction of what you want in your career and an actionable plan to get there. You’ll have a strategy to make concise decisions to take advantage of opportunities.


Develop Essential Leadership Skills

Leadership is about leveraging your influence and possessing the skills to best support your influence. We designed our coaching services to help you develop these important skills in the modern workplace.


Does Your Image Hinder Your Success?

Understanding the importance of effective communication, we help you develop a presence that is authentic, supports your talents, and position you as a competent, confident, and credible leader.


Overcome Workplace Challenges

As you navigate and manage your career path, you will experience delays, challenges, and obstacles. Together, we will tackle each situation head-on and explore diverse resolutions to get you back on track and motivate you to push through any issues as they arise.


Can Life and Work Co-exist?

You’re not superwoman, and managing work and life responsibilities is no simple task. We help you find a solution that meets your needs so you can enjoy your family, career and you.

The Proactive Strategy Career Success System helps you see yourself as a qualified leader and risk-taker.

When you complete the Proactive Strategy Success System, you will:

Understand your natural personality and make you unique.

Be clear about what you want in your career and have a plan to get there.

Know your leadership style and how others comprehend you.

Develop the skills for effective leadership.

Have a professional public image that reflects your personality and style.

Have a process to help you overcome workplace challenges.

Have a plan to successfully navigate competing life and work demands.

Become confident in your abilities to achieve your dream career.

Commitment gets you started. Consistency keeps you going. Our Proactive Career Strategy Success System gives you both.

At the completion of our strategy coaching programs, you will...

  1. 1 60-minute private coaching session per month for 12 months
  2. Unlimited Laser coaching (15-minute) coaching sessions throughout the year (as needed)
  3. 24/7 access to client portal
  4. Access to supplementary virtual courses, workbooks, and personal development journals Courses include the Career Achievers Group Coaching Program and the IOWNME Empowerment Course.
    DiSC, 360, Motivator, and Leadership Style Assessments
  5. Interview training, resume review and preparation
  6. Background check review
  7. LinkedIn assessment
  8. Image consultation to include image and style transformation, developing executive presence, strategic dressing, access to the My Private Stylist virtual platform, and a business etiquette course.
  9. Leadership development training for creating a path toward executive leadership.

    **Access to certain courses and platforms are available as client progresses within the program


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