A great public image is important because when people first meet you, people form ideas about you: They perceive your education level, financial level and social status. The way people view you can make the difference between getting the sale, securing a job or promotion or keeping customers.

Image Services For example, for business owners, a poor public image can affect your company’s success. Your firm may not get projects. Your company may have trouble getting investors and can influence fee negotiations. It may be difficult for your company to hire or keep top talent. For someone working at a firm, poor perceptions may prevent you from securing a job or getting the promotion.

As your image consultant, Phenomenal Image uses your assets to help you present your best self. We create an image package that presents you that is authentic and reflects your personality, style, and goals.

Our Proactive Image Strategy program includes:

Client Interview and Assessment

We learn about you including your expectations, personal tastes and general lifestyle questions to ensure that you achieve your fashion goals.

Body / Figure Proportion Analysis

Based on your body shape, we will show you the clothing that will best flatter you.

Facial Shape Analysis

Knowing your facial shape allows you to select the accessories, such as eyeglasses, hairstyle, jewelry and makeup tips to make you look polished and well-put together.

Hairstyle Analysis

We will give you ideas on which hairstyles flatter your facial shape.

Style Personality Assessment

We will help you bring out your unique style in your clothing.

Fashion Styling

We help you build your own clothing story based on your style personality.

Makeup Strategy

We show you how to enhance your appearance by using makeup to bring out your best features.

Wardrobe Strategy

We show you how to build a functional wardrobe that complements your lifestyle.

In a nutshell, we’ll provide the help you need to achieve a polished, professional appearance so you can concentrate on what you well.

Proactive Image Strategy is a part of our proprietary the Proactive Strategy Success System.  You can learn more about our system here

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