Phenomenal Image Proactive Leader Strategy

Leadership Skills Development

Project a Professional Presence Leadership is far more than a title and delegating others to tasks.  And it goes well beyond theory that one may learn in business school.  In the Proactive Leadership Strategy program, you will:
  • Discover your leadership style, learn how you relate to others and how to be a better leader because of it.
  • Increase your knowledge of leadership principles and and how they are related to your specific responsibilities. 
  • Develop your executive presence by becoming more effective, proactive and results-oriented.
  • Learn how to encourage your team to excel in their positions to improve the organization.
  • Learn skills and techniques to utilize change, resolve conflict and increase the productivity and morale of your employees and peers.
  • Learn how to gain the support of your employees through inspiration; motivating them to achieve results and take initiative and to seek more responsibility.
We help you develop the essential qualities to become an exceptional executive. We will help you hone the skills to move from thinking like a “manager” to the mindset of an “executive”.

Proactive Leadership Strategy is a part of the Proactive Strategy Success System.  You can learn more about our proprietary coaching system here.