Review and Document Your Career Accomplishments

Review and Document Your Career Accomplishments - Desktop with Plant, Coffee Mug with Coffee, Open Journal with Pen

Create a file that documents your career accomplishments.

Recording your successes is beneficial for several situations, including:

  • Negotiating your salary
  • Asking for a promotion or raise
  • Answering questions when interviewing
  • Performance Reviews
  • Updating your resume
  • Boosting Your confidence

What Accomplishments should I Document?

You should record all accomplishments. Why?

Because your accomplishment record becomes a timeline for your growth. And on those days, you may feel like nothing is going right, reviewing your list helps you see that you may not be where you want to be, but you’re not where you used to be.

You can make note of how you increased your company’s bottom line, How you helped the organization fulfill its mission statement or problems you solved on your job.

Where should I Document My Accomplishments?

Besides keeping your list either on paper, on a spreadsheet, etc., you can also document your accomplishments by:

Portfolio. You can create a physical “scrapbook” of your certificates, letters of commendation, recommendation letters, articles written about you, articles written by you.

Personal Homepage. Create a digital portfolio on your own website. What’s nice about having a personal homepage is that you can customize your page to fit your personality. And there’s help. Sites like and provide templates you can customize.

LinkedIn. A valuable resource to document your professional achievement, LinkedIn gives you the exposure to millions of people that might connect you to your dream career.

Recording your accomplishments is an essential part of your career plan because you realize your strengths and areas of growth.

Do It Now:

1.) Make a list of your accomplishments.

2.) Provide details for each accomplishment. Quantify. Did you increase the company’s bottom line? By how much? Include how each accomplishment helped the company? Be creative.

3.) Share your accomplishments on one platform in this week’s proactive tip.

TIP:  Where are you compromising in your career? Are you clear with what is non-negotiable in your career?

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