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SAVE $$$

This is the beginning of a series in which we will highlight finds on great ways to save money while looking like the leader you are.  Each week we will highlight a specific company or item that can assist in your transformation.  The first company this week is: (aka


 I have been a huge fan of this site for years and have purchased numerous products over the years.  I’ve been able to purchase designer fashions at a significant savings.  Take for example, this Michael Kors Men’s Black Pinstripe Wool suit (which by the way, is a great color for business), it retails for $499.99 but is priced at $159.99.



Another example is this Houndstooth Sheath Dress that is only $61.99.


Not only does offer great pricing on clothing, but also on furniture, electronics, books, writing instruments, office supplies, even insurance and travel.  And I love that shipping does not cost an arm or a leg.

It is important to note that as an online shopper, it is very wise to read reviews on the product as well as the description of the fabric used.  Additionally, remember that a tailor is your best friend.  Most off the rack clothing will not fit perfectly and so it is wise to pay a couple of extra dollars to get your outfit altered by your tailor.  This makes all the difference in the world and you will exude a confidence in knowing that your clothing adequately fits you.

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Next Week will we be offer savings for your holiday/formal attire.  Stay tuned!



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