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My passion and purpose is helping you conquer your fears, see your value, renew your passion and use your power to reach your full potential. - Nancy Gettridge   

There are several ways you can work with me:

Read our articles/blog posts.   We have free articles geared to help you take control of your career.  I tackle various career issues to help you gain clarity in your career path.  If you haven't done so already, I recommend that you...

Get our blueprint to take control of your career.   This blueprint is your guide to take ownership of your career.  It is also a summary of the keys we work on when you... 

Invest in one of our courses or coaching programs.   I offer several programs, including

Assessments to help you gain insight on how your communicate with others and how others perceive you.   

Leadership development training courses.  I help you develop the essential skills necessary for leadership including the differences in the mindset of a manager versus a senior leader; key to advancing in your career.  We also offer

Virtual coaching programs that help you define your definition of career success and create a plan to achieve your success.   We have programs that cater to your preference whether you prefer a more personal approach or you thrive in a group setting.

I equip you with the tools to help you to see yourself as a qualified leader and risk-taker

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