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Until you make peace with who you are (flaws and all), you’ll never think you are good enough and will always try to be perfect – Nancy Gettridge, Founder

We believe that a well rounded leader must take care of her whole self:  Spirit, mind and body.  We take a holistic approach with our clients by integrating coaching, skills training and image consulting programs to help each client feel confident, competent and credible.  Here is a summary of what our packages entail to meet the needs of our clients:


Understanding ourselves helps us comprehend the value in those around us. DiSC is a behavioral tool that helps you learn about your uniqueness and what makes others significant in their own way. DiSC assessments can be use in many ways:  Help employ the right individuals for the right positions, develop leaders, and conflict resolution; allowing you to seek out the solutions that meet the needs of your colleagues.  

We use DiSC assessments to help our clients become aware of their strengths and weaknesses as well as what motivates their behavior.  Our clients also learn how to differentiate the behavioral needs of those around them.  After working with us, our clients are able to communicate with others in a way that not only empowers them, but also motivates and encourages their peers, employees and supervisors.

We offer many types of assessment tools that complement our DiSC Assessments, including motivation and 360 degree assessments.  These can help you understand the “why” of your behavior and how others view you.  This is particularly beneficial in helping you see how others perceive you.  

Leadership Training and Development

Successful leadership is more than regurgitating theory, hearing yourself talk and/or looking authoritative.  We help you develop the essential qualities necessary to become an exceptional executive.  We tackle executive presence –  what that means to you and your career as a leader and how to achieve it.  We will help you hone the skills that move you from thinking like a manager to the mindset of a visionary


Work consumes a large portion of a person’s life and spills into other areas. Coaching provides a partnership to allow you to put everything into its proper perspective and get clear on your career path.   We help you create a career plan that coincides with your purpose and align with your values.

Not sure of your purpose?  No problem!  We help you discover your purpose and help you set goals to achieve your calling.   

We can also help you tackle issues that affect you and search for the best solutions. We help you seek solutions to overcoming workplace challenges and replacing/removing beliefs that undermine your effectiveness.  

A coach can help you a become better you – You’ll gain clarity, accountability, and focus to see your career goals through.  

Image Services

Our image services help makes your best impression even better.  You’ll learn your style personality, body type, facial shape and other assessments so you can shine in your style. 

You’ll also work on etiquette, create a core professional wardrobe, help you find a hairstyle that is modern yet professional and improve your communication skills.  We help you achieve a polished, professional appearance inside and out, so you can concentrate on what you do best. 

Imagine your possibilities!

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