State of Your Career Annual Review

What is the State
of Your Career?

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Imagine feeling lost in your career, unsure of what steps to take next.

You’ve been working hard for years, but you don’t seem to be getting any closer to your professional goals.

You feel stuck and frustrated, wondering if there’s any way to break out of this cycle and achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of.

That’s where our State of Your Career Annual Review comes in. We believe that everyone deserves to have a fulfilling and rewarding career, and we’re here to help you get there.

This program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of where you are now in your career and an action plan to help you reach your goals.

A review can also help you figure out whether you are on track to reach your career goals and may help prevent problems in your career.

You'll become aware of what's not working for you now and where you should spend your time and effort.

The Process

Our State of Your Career Annual Review is designed to help you gain the clarity you need for your current career situation. Here's what we go over when you schedule your review:


Book Your Session

Once you make your investment, you will be taken to our calendar to schedule your 90-minute career check-up.


Receive Your Welcome Kit

Your welcome kit will provide your confirmation details, including scheduling, where to access your invoice and receipt, and your next steps. You will also receive information on how to access resources and your 24/7 access to your digital coaching portal.


Complete your pre-session survey

To maximize our time together, you will complete a brief questionnaire about your career and what you would like to discuss during our session. We also provide a list of discussion areas to give you ideas.


Get Acquainted

Assess your coaching portal filled with resources and other tools to familiarize you with the process and to maximize your review day.


During the Session...

Following your lead, we’ll have a conversation about your chosen career topic and explore insights to your career situation.


Plan Your Next Steps

Based on your discoveries from the check-up, together, we’ll create an action plan to help you take the next steps.

A State of Your Career Review is a small investment that can change your career outlook.

Depending on your chosen career topic, experience the benefits of an annual career review:

Improve your job results.

Better prepare for job interviews.

Recognize opportunities.

Rediscover your passion for your job.

Discover the competencies needed for your career.

Become aware of your strengths.

Improved negotiation skills.

Increased confidence in your abilities.

Invest in Your Career and Your Future

Here's All You Get When You Schedule Your Review:

  1. 90-minute check-up session

  2. Explore the most pressing area in your career (of your choice)

  3. 24/7 access to client portal

  4. We discuss your chosen career topic and assess your current career situation.

  5. We devise an action plan that reflects the outcomes of our discussion.

  6. Gain clarity so you can focus on your next steps as detailed in the action plan.


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