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Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas
Styled for work

Wear the latest trends without Compromising Your Authority

Most trends can be worn to work as long as its worn the right way.  For example, one of this season’s trends are printed skirts.  This Ann Taylor skirt shows a floral print that is not overwhelming with a neutral background color.   The jacquard fabric allows for structure which is ideal for professional attire.  The pencil skirt lends for a flattering shape without distracting and looks great on most body shapes.  The neck tie blouse in blush also by Ann Taylor adds a spark of color to the skirt without being overpowering.   The button jacket is soft yet has some structure that lends authority and is feminine.  The jacket is great to have on hand for the unexpected (or expected) meeting as a jacket lends “instant authority”.  The neutral shoe, bag and understated jewelry complete the look.   There you have it.  You can wear trends to work without it wearing you! 
Styled for Work by phenomenalimage featuring red sole shoes

Neck tie

Ann taylor skirt

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