247assess with logo Here is the table of contents for the DiSC Assessment.  As you can see, you will receive a comprehensive assessment that not only identifies your strengths and weaknesses, but offer how to identify the styles of those around you!  Introduction to the DISC  styles Online Report

PART I Understanding Yourself

General Characteristics Your Strengths: What You Bring to the Organization Your Motivations (Wants) and Needs Your Motivations: Ideal Work Environment Your Behavior and Needs Under Stress Communication Plans Potential Areas for Improvement Summary of Your Style Word Sketch: Adapted Style Word Sketch: Natural Style Your Personalized eGraphs The 12 Integrated DISC Styles Relationships Your Behavioral Pattern View

PART II Application of DISC Styles

Application, Application, Application Overview of the Four Basic DISC styles How to Identify Another Person’s Behavioral Style What is Behavioral Adaptability? How to Modify Your Directness and Openness Tension Among the Styles How to Adapt to the Different Behavioral Styles So Now What? Disclaimer  

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