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How to use Leadership Styles to Overcome Gender Stereotypes

Research suggests that women are perceived to possess support skills while lacking strategic skills such as vision. These stereotypes are the epitome of the Think Crisis, Think Female” Association and the Glass Cliff Phenomenon in which females have leadership qualities associated with failing companies and are more likely hired to lead organizations in precarious situations. These special skills include the ability to balance risks, being able to pragmatically cope with failure and the desire to help the …

January Resource: DiSC Assessment

DiSC Assessment DiSC is a proven research based behavior profiling tool that makes one aware of how to identify and utilize the way they communicate and understand how others communicate. DiSC helps you understand yourself by learning what makes you unique and appreciate the value in those around you. DiSC assessments can be utilized in various ways, including hiring and promotion decisions, leadership development, sales training, customer service, team building and conflict resolution, just to …

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