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Dressing Smart in a Conservative Office

Although many companies have become more relaxed in their dress policy, there are still some companies that are more formal. What if you enjoy fashion and you want to show your personality?  This week’s proactive career tip addresses this question.  Here are some tips that will allow you to shine while still conforming to your company’s dress policy: QUESTION: I work in a very conservative office where all managers have to wear suits – men: …


Clothing for Leaders

There is nothing better to boost confidence than clothing that is designed to fit your body type. Custom Clothing/Made to Measure/Private Label: There is nothing better to boost confidence than clothing that is designed to fit your specific body; allowing you to focus on what you do best. (Note: Carlisle, Etcetera, and Moi Meme are private labels and do not offer plus size clothing): Blue Suits Carlisle Doncaster: Etcetera Moi Meme Sumissura Tom James

Styled for work

Styled for Work

Wear the latest trends without Compromising Your Authority Most trends can be worn to work as long as its worn the right way.  For example, one of this season’s trends are printed skirts.  This Ann Taylor skirt shows a floral print that is not overwhelming with a neutral background color.   The jacquard fabric allows for structure which is ideal for professional attire.  The pencil skirt lends for a flattering shape without distracting and looks great …

My Private Stylist

Hire My private stylist for a fraction of the cost

Your appearance is a part of the puzzle to being a leader.  It is an overlooked strategy that complements your skills and abilities.   Wearing clothing that reflects your personality and supports your lifestyle will help you feel confident, achieve your goals, look younger and vibrant and get you noticed.  My Private Stylist can help you  with that strategy.. My Private Stylist is an award winning tool developed by a master image consultant that will help …


Look Like a Leader in Your Style

Executive dress doesn’t have to be boring. You can look like a leader while being true to your style.  Consider mixing color to a neutral to add personality.  In this case, I added gold.  If you lean to classic colors, then go for color in the accessories. Career Tip Always keep a jacket in tow in case of an unplanned meeting. A structured jacket lends the impression of authority and adds credibility.

How to Maximize Your Wardrobe by Accessorizing

Feeling confident and being comfortable in your clothing are two of the most important things for the business professional: it allows you to focus on tasks at hand instead of wondering if anyone notices what’s wrong with your outfit (i.e. poor fit, etc.). We tend to reach for those articles of clothing that bring those feelings to mind and so that may mean that we wear the same outfit over and over again – so …

How to Get 30+ Outfits from Your Wardrobe Cluster

A concern that I’ve heard from many clients is that they do not have anything to wear or that they have trouble figuring out what to wear.  Many times life is so hectic that the last thing on your list is figuring out what to wear for work this week.  Does this sound like you?   Many feel like they were the same thing over and over and it’s become a uniform. Well, those days …

How to Dress Your Body at a minimal cost while Losing Weight

A common question I hear is what to wear while losing weight. Ideally, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothing while on your weight loss journey, but everything you own is now baggy on you, you still have more weight to lose and you still have to maintain your professional presence. What to do?  Every 10 pounds lost is approximately 1 clothing size, so it’s best to do a little planning.  …

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