Why It Doesn’t Have to Take Another Half a Century for Gender Equality in Leadership

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6 Companies Are Already Doing It Research from various sources including the government, organizations, and scholars have acknowledged that gender discrimination is a systemic issue at the governmental, societal and organizational levels. Discussions have ensued in the form of reports, research, forums, papers, symposiums, documentaries, television shows, movies, plays and music…

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Overcome Bitterness at Work

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This is one of our first articles from our newsletter in 2006. This is very relevant even now and was a timely reminder for me. What do you need to let go? Not too long ago, I was very upset with someone close to me who I felt “let me…

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Make Criticism Your Friend

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It’s difficult to receive less than positive feedback when you believe you are performing at your best.  It can be a blow to your self-esteem and your first reaction may be to dismiss it as “hater-aid” and defend your position.  But before you get ready for war, let’s just consider…

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