Charisma is common among exceptional leaders – here’s 1 remarkable way you can convey it

Charisma is possibly the most inspiring aspect of confidence and is common among exceptional leaders. If you’ve ever met someone who has a natural charisma, then you’ll know what I’m referring to. They talk in a way that makes everyone want to listen.  They are engaging and magnetic in a way that many of us only dream we could be!

If you can’t think of anyone in your own life, then watch Michelle Obama being interviewed, or Indra Nooyi, Anne Marie Slaughter, Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, or Helen Mirren.

These women are highly captivating and it is immediately apparent. How can we emulate that? How can we capture that lightning in a bottle and use it for ourselves?

The Key to Charisma

There is a relatively simple and proven formula to charisma that you can emulate.

The key is gesticulations. Think about it. Most of the people who are rated as highly charismatic have been found to gesticulate more while talking than the average person. They use their hands to convey a lot of what they’re saying and they also tend to move around more as they speak.

They seem charismatic because gesticulating creates a connection where their body language is reflecting what they’re saying and creating a single, congruent message. Compare this to someone who speaks enthusiastically, but while crossing their arms and looking very stressed!

If you want to convey that same charisma, move around and gesticulate as you talk.

Please note that you can’t fake this. If you do, you’ll become self-conscious of your hands and your gestures; creating a new situation that’s worse than where we started!

TIP:  Look Like a Leader in Your Style

Instead, allow it to happen naturally. Be highly engaged in what you’re saying. Be enthusiastic about what you’re talking about.

When you are truly passionate, you can’t help but gesticulate because you’re so excited about what you’re saying. What you’re saying seems so important that you’ll be 100% focused on it and all self-doubt fades away.

This is why finding something that you’re truly passionate about is essential. When you are truly impassioned and excited, confidence and charisma happen naturally.

So what are you passionate about?

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