What is an Image Consultant?

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We live in a society that judges a person on appearance. Meeting your clothing needs keeps your mind off of your appearance and more on what you do best.

Nancy Gettridge

An image consultant assists clients in displaying a confident, polished appearance. This service is not limited to any one group and there are many services that an image consultant can provide. Let’s take a closer look at how an image consultant can help you become more confident.

Who Can Benefit from Image Consulting Services?

Everyone can benefit from image services. For example, someone looking for a job wants and extra edge to stand out. An image consultant can help you play up your strengths. A small business owner may need to build her brand to increase her company’s market share or attract investors. Image consultants can also assist singles into finding a spouse by helping them express their true self.


Services of an image consultant can vary and can be customized to meet each client’s needs.

These services can range from helping you find out what clothing looks best on you, find the best colors for your features, use cosmetics to enhance your face, shop for outfits for you, organize your closet; helping you to rid of those items that do not enhance your figure, help you effectively communicate with others and how to handle various situations.

The edge that image consulting has other services in the fashion/beauty industry is that image services focus on the total person, not just one area as maybe a hairstylist or fashion stylist may provide. Image consulting combines everything: your hair, your clothing and how you communicate to develop the entire package.

What Makes Phenomenal Image Different?

Phenomenal Image helps women see themselves as qualified leaders and risk-takers. We do this by grooming your appearance to reflect your skills and abilities. You’ll look, think and act like the leader you are.

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The benefit: You’ll become more confident and you’ll be able to focus on your work, not on whether your appearance. Many opportunities are lost not due to lack of skills, but because the person did not project confidence.

Additionally, we’ll coach you in challenging mindsets that may sabotage your success.  You’ll learn how to replace those hindering thoughts with ones that propel you to achieving your goals.

We’ll also teach you the skills needed to become an effective leader, you’ll learn how to be poised and confident under pressure, about how your personality affects how you lead and how to communicate effectively with others.

We make you over from the inside out. You’ll demonstrate competence, confidence and credibility.

Let’s face it – We live in a society that judges a person by their appearance. It’s not fair, but it is what it is.

Does that mean that you have to be someone you’re not?

Absolutely not! But meeting your clothing needs keeps your mind off of your appearance and more on what you do best.

When was the last time…

  • You felt you wore the wrong outfit?
  • You felt you had to defend your clothing decision (i.e. “It doesn’t matter what others think, I’m comfortable”?)
  • How has your image kept you second guessing yourself?
  • What areas of your image need improvement?

Invest in yourself by taking 20 minutes to have a conversation with us about how you can achieve your dreams through changing how you see yourself.

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