What to Do When Facing A Challenge at Work

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Live Talk on Wisdom – What to Do When Facing A Challenge at Work

Every day, we experience several challenges at work. It may be human nature to avoid challenges, but trials are inevitable. What would happen if, instead, we view obstacles as opportunities to advance our careers?

We all want to be successful, but few of us achieve this success because we do not view these situations as opportunities and we get stuck in the problem.

Here are some approaches to overcome challenges at work and achieve your success:

1. Stay calm when stressed.

It’s true that we get stressed and frustrated. But, it is important to minimize stress in the workplace, so it does not negatively affect your career.

You may spend more time with your co-workers than your family, so at the least, you want to have an effective working relationship. Ideally, maintain a cordial relationship. People are likely to help someone who is kind, over a person who seems angry or irritated.

Finally, using stress relieving strategies will help you maintain your calm at work. Practicing mediation and journaling are excellent tools for this, as they help you instill calmness and clear your mind to help you come up with viable solutions to your work challenges.

2. Get advice from experienced colleagues.

While at work, you may come across situations that you had not encountered. In this situation, you can either improvise, or seek advice from someone who may have experienced the issue with the past. If you maintained a good relationship with your colleagues, you’ll be able to seek help from them when needed.

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3. Strategize

Many challenges present unique opportunities. Take a moment to analyze the situation. Consider your options and then explore the advantages and disadvantages of each potential solution. Then plan out a viable solution. Not only will you effectively resolve the challenge, you will garner accolades from your supervisors.

4. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

As you climb your career ladder, you may need to leave your comfort zones and take risks. No one ever got ahead in business by playing it safe. You may feel intimidated, but when you face your fears and tack action to overcome your challenges, you show your capabilities. Your co-workers, team members and your supervisors will take note.

5. Be confident in your own abilities.

No matter the industry or job title, when you display confidence, you show your colleagues and superiors that you can handle the tasks of your jobs.

Think about it. How can you expect others to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself?

Tip: When you lack confidence, remind yourself of changes you have overcome in the past. A great idea is to document your accomplishments. At a moment’s notice, you can whip out your journal and read your list of successes. This will surely boost your morale.

6. Take a break.

In order to overcome any challenges we face, it is important to ensure we rest our minds.

Take a break – Go for a walk, go out for lunch, have drinks with your colleagues, or unwind with music will leave you with a positive mindset. Plus, connecting with your colleagues will foster comaraderie; helping you overcome challenges because they will be glad to help a friend.

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Successful people are everyday people just like the rest of us. They just know how to overcome their challenges and use these situations to their advantage.

These are only a few tools you can use to overcome any challenge you face in the workplace. But these tools only work when you use it.

Do It Now:

Which of these tips could you use for a situation that you’re going through now or in the past? Think about how you could have applied these tips and if and how the outcome could be different.

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