What to Wear: Travel – How to Look Stylish while Saving Money

With increasing travel costs such as baggage fees and gasoline, it is even more important to pack wisely and compact.  Here are a few tips that will save you time and money:

Planning is essential.  Make a list of everything you need for the trip.

Stay organized.    You can also keep your information on your phone or i-pad as most  business can be conducted electronically.  As an added measure, you can also keep a folder to keep a paper airline itinerary, boarding info, hotel and care rental information, etc. so in the unfortunate event that you cannot retrieve your information.


Consider your fabrics.  Choose fabrics that will resist wrinkles.  Microfibers, knits, silks, wools, (items that may have a little spandex) are fabrics that will maintain its shape and minimize wrinkling.

Coordinate your colors.  To maximize your wardrobe, create a capsule of two colors – a neutral color (preferably a darker color) and a color to complement.  An example could be navy/beige cluster consisting of a jacket, skirt (or sheath dress), trouser, printed blouse (has capsule colors), solid beige blouse, beige cardigan, navy heels and brown flats.  You may want to include gym shoes and 2 tees and short for your workouts.

Layer your Clothing.  For your travel clothes, layering is key.  For instance, back to the color capsule, you could wear brown trousers (has a little stretch), a brown print tunic. with the brown flats.  For your outerwear, you can wear a cape like the one in the picture.  It is stylish, compact and can keep your warm.

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Accessories.  Carry your accessories for each outfit in a separate bag.  You can use a ziploc bag or I use sheer, drawstring pouches (I purchased 10 for about $5 at Walmart) and place them in my zipper section in my purse or carry on bag.

Laundry.  Know where your hotel’s laundry facilities are located and opt to wash your clothing.  You can also take advantage of the hotel’s laundry service if you prefer.  You can use the shower curtain bar as a clothes line to hang your hand-washed lingerie.  Additionally, I keep a gallon size ziploc bag or grocery bag to keep my soiled items if I am unable to launder.

These tips will help make your travel experience easier, while saving money (not having to pay for extra baggage or buying clothing because you forgot something) and still maintaining your sense of style.

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