You Are So Capable of Personal Success!

You Are So Capable of Personal Success!

Let that statement sink in for a moment… 

How do you feel about that statement?  Do you believe it?

You may even say that you know that already.  But do you live it? 

In public, you may look and act fierce, confident and on point.  But when you’re alone, you may feel totally inadequate and you wonder whether you can ever really be successful.

Feeling overpowered by such thoughts can make you feel like you’re unworthy of success. You may feel like your dreams may never come true.

You can achieve your success by taking intentional action to reach your goals and dreams. There’s no one like you in the world and your ideas are unique. The world needs to hear your voice – Share your ideas and go after what you want!

But here’s the thing…

You Have to Stop Pretending You Must Be Perfect

You’re not perfect – and it’s ok.

Others may appear as if they are flawless, but the truth is that all humans are imperfect.

There are so many people who put off pursuing their dreams because they want to wait until everything is “picture-perfect”.

l was one of them. 

There were so many opportunities I missed because I sought perfection in an imperfect world. I equated my value to who I perceived the world thought I should be.

Procrastination is disastrous to your future success!

Waiting for the perfect scenario before you go after that promotion at work, pursue the degree or certification or put off writing that novel only increases the likelihood that you will not achieve the thing you’re waiting for.

And, ignoring the changes you need to make in your life until things are impeccable tend to lower your self-esteem because you don’t see yourself as valuable enough to make the changes now.

The process of esteeming yourself means that you’re setting a higher value on your happiness and creating the life you deserve. If you think you’re undeserving, then your needs become an afterthought.

Let’s do this: Instead of waiting for everything to be flawless before you take action, begin to create the life you want now:

  1. Make a decision to believe in yourself.  Only you can take responsibility for your dignity.
  2. Acknowledge and celebrate the success you’ve already achieved.  It’s okay to showcase your talents, promote your abilities and foster your potential.  How else will others know?  Write them down as you identify them and keep the list as a sort of victory journal.
  3. Refer to your journal when you lose focus of what you want to accomplish and when you feel self-doubt. Being reminded of your past successes help you recharge your batteries and gain a sense of purpose.
  4. Recognize you faults and focus on your positive traits.   Everyone has a weakness.  See your weakness as a guide to your purpose because it may motivate you think of a new way to resolve a problem. Your faults are opportunities for you to figure out how you can reach your career goals.
  5. You may have to take some risks in the path to success. Sometimes it takes a lot of self-confidence to face obstacles head-on (Fear of the unknown is always difficult to navigate).

Your future is at stake and believing you can achieve the future you want and deserve is the first step.

How well do you know yourself?

How well do you know who you really are – your deep values, priorities, interests, fears, beliefs, and hopes? It takes a good deal of work to realize your essence and personal meaning. How far along this process are you?

Here are a few questions to consider: On a scale from 1 to 5 (5 being the highest), choose the number that best represents how you feel regarding your view of yourself and your future.

  1. I am not able to list out my top five greatest priorities in life.
  2. I frequently wonder where my life is heading and where I want it to go.
  3. Most days, I do not know exactly what I want for myself.
  4. If asked to describe myself in one sentence or less, I would have
    some difficulty.
  5. I am sure that other people know themselves better than I know

These questions are a part of a free assessment that can help you figure out the areas you may need to work on to embrace your power, and your results provides insight on whether coaching may be right for you. There are about 25 more questions that should not take more than 15 minutes to answer.

You can begin the assessment here.

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