Career Strategy Coaching for Women Tired
of Settling for Work That Does Not Fulfill Them

“I help you figure out what really matters to you
and then I help you achieve it.”

What We Do

Take Control of Your Career

Get clear on your career path | Know your value | Refuse to settle for less.

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Discover Your Power

Before you can take control of your career, you must first know your value. Become more confident in who you are and what you offer to the world.

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Get Clear On What’s Next In Your Career

Gain a clear sense of direction of what you want in your career and an actionable plan to get there. You’ll have a strategy to make concise decisions to take advantage of opportunities.

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Develop Necessary Skills

Leadership is about leveraging your influence and possessing the skills to best supportyour influence. We design our coaching services to help you develop these important skills.

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My Story

My purpose is helping women who don’t fit the “status quo” achieve their dream careers while living unapologetically in their skin.

Nancy Kirk Gettridge

Welcome to Our Site! I’m Nancy Gettridge.

As you have found your way to this site, I believe we may have much in common with your career:

  • You feel like your career is at the mercy of others;
  • It appears your career has stalled;
  • You’re not sure what’s next for you in your career;
  • No invitation to your company’s leadership development program or your company does not have such a program;
  • You’ve lost your passion in your work (or maybe you never had it).

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then we have a lot in common – I was also that person.

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What if you took control of your career?


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