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We coach women on how to overcome the obstacles hindering their career success.

Nancy Gettridge, Founder Why Coach Women Leaders

The Controversial Reasons We Coach Aspiring Women Leaders

We coach women on how to overcome the obstacles standing the way of their career success. We help women break their own glass ceilings. Find out why and how we can help you achieve your career goals.

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We understand the unique challenges women face in the workplace - we've been there. Our programs combine theory and application for a "hands on" approach to take action now. Here's what you can expect:

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After using our services, clients have noted more confidence, greater career satisfaction, and improved work relationships.

Renewed passion - Woman sitting at desk smiling while working
Renewed Passion

With a renewed sense of purpose and embracing who you are, fall back in love with your work.

Renewed Passion
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Discover New Opportunities

You’ll become more aware of new career possibilities and have the confidence to seize them.

Discover New Opportunities

We Focus on These Critical Strategies In Your Career

Our clients often seek assistance in these key areas. Where could you use some help?

Know Your Power | Phenomenal Image
Knowing Your Power: What Makes You Valuable?

Before you can take control of your career, you must first know your value. We help you discover your power. You’ll become more confident in who you are and what you offer to the world.

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Own Your Career | Phenomenal Image
What If You Took Control of Your Career?

We’ll help you gain a clear sense of direction of what you want in your career and an actionable plan to get there. You’ll have a strategy to make concise decisions to take advantage of opportunities.

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Develop Your Skills | Phenomenal Image
How to be A leader when you don’t yet have the title

Leadership is about leveraging your influence and possessing the skills to best supportyour influence. We design our coaching services to help you develop these important skills.

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Executive Presence | Phenomenal Image
Finding Your Powerful Voice

Can you command attention of a room? If your answer is yes, then you understand what it means to have an executive presence. If not, then it’s time to find your powerful voice.

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Competing Demands | Phenomenal Image
Can life and work co-exist?

You’re not superwoman and managing work and life responsibilities is no easy task. We help you find a solution that meets your needs so you can enjoy your family, career and you.

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Conflict or Opportunity?
Conflict or Opportunity?

Workplace conflict is beneficial in ways we may not initially recognize. However, conflict is necessary for our professional growth. Here’s why.

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Get our free Career Strategy Blueprint to help you map out your path to your dream career.

Gain insights on how to take charge of your career instead of settling for whatever happens. You'll also get weekly Qualified! Career Tips, expert advice and coaching.

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Featuring Our Proactive Strategy Success System - A four-phase process that grooms you into the qualified leader you aspire to be. Learn how to leverage your strengths, overcome your perceived weaknesses and align your unique qualities to your purpose.

Plan: Proactive Career Strategy

Plan: Proactive Career Strategy

In this foundation course, you will be clear on who you are, what you want...
Possess: Proactive Leader Strategy

Possess: Proactive Leader Strategy

Develop the essential qualities to become an exceptional executive leader.
Position: Proactive Image Strategy

Position: Proactive Image Strategy

Look, sound and act like the competent, confident and credible leader you are.
Pilot: Qualified Leader Executive Coaching

Pilot: Qualified Leader Executive Coaching

Throughout your career, there will be challenges. Situations such as bias, staff conflicts, work-life balance,...

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    Helping You Break Your Own Glass Ceiling

    Career Strategy Coaching Designed For Aspiring Women

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