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About Your Career - You're not crazy. You know something's not right. It's time to discover your career sweet spot.

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily activities of life.   Slowly, the things you once enjoyed have become a chore. You dread going to work. Or maybe it seems like something is missing and that you should do more with your life. 

Perhaps you have lost your sense of self and you feel you’re suffocating. You may be a leader, and everyone depends on you for guidance, but you need help as well; but you don’t ask for it because you don’t want to appear weak.   

It’s Okay to Take Care of Yourself 

When flying, one of the first things the flight attendant states is in the event of an emergency, and they release the oxygen masks, you should first place your oxygen mask before helping others place their mask.   

Because you cannot help anyone if you’re in distress. 

When you are happy, confident and relaxed, you are free to love more, do more, and become a blessing to others through your purpose, which leads me to the next point: 

Break Free  

You are who you are. Those things that make you different are what make you stand out in the world. Dare to Be Different!  

You were created at the right time, the right place, with the right “stuff” to take you to your place of success. It’s okay that you’re not like everyone else: you’re not supposed to be.   

And That Includes How You Dress: 

You heard the quote “Clothes Make the (Wo)Man? 

Well, I disagree. 

Your dress is an extension of you and should reflect your personality. A garment should make you feel poised and confident. Your clothing tells a story about you: Your attire mirrors how you feel about yourself, where you are now, and where you’re headed. 

I encourage you to dress to fit your personality, lifestyle and goals and you’ll see a new world just waiting for you. 

I can help you achieve your career utopia… 

My purpose is helping women, like yourself, figure out what matters to them. I help you re-ignite your passion by aligning your values, purpose and personality to reflect your true self. I help you become re-engaged with your work and achieve your goals. 

I help you figure out what is really important to you in your career, and I help you achieve it. 

Framed headshot of founder, Nancy Gettridge
Nancy Gettridge, Founder

I understand because I've been there...

Like you, I was also frustrated with my career:

  • I felt like my career was at the mercy of others.

  • My career stalled. 

  • I didn’t know what was next in my career. 

  • I lost my passion for my work.

Here’s my story… –

Work with me

Whether you excel in a more personal environment or you flourish in a group setting, there is an approach to help you get to your career promised land:

Private Career Coaching

If you prefer a more private approach, private coaching is for you. Get personal attention with a partnership that provides a customizable focus to help you get the results you’re seeking.

Group Career Coaching

The beauty of this approach is collaboration, peer learning, self-paced personal and career development. Coaching resources and tools make this lower cost option a win.

Career Check-up

Not sure where to start?  An annual career check-up to get clear on where you are now, whether you should make changes, and your next steps.

Laser Coaching

Need help or accountability regarding a specific, current situation?  Get efficient and effective insights that provides clarity and motivates immediate action.

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