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We offer virtual coaching and training products to help you conquer your fears, see your value, renew your passion and use your power to reach your full leadership potential:

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Know Your Power

Before you can take control of your career, you must first know your value. We help you discover your power. You’ll become more confident in who you are and what you offer to the world.

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Own Your Career Path

We’ll help you gain a clear sense of direction of what you want in your career and an actionable plan to get there. You’ll have a strategy to make concise decisions to take advantage of opportunities.

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Think Look Act Like An Leader

Discover your leadership style and gain the skills to be an effective leader.  Shift from thinking like a manager to creating and executing strategy like a leader. 

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Take Control! Our blueprint to help you take ownership of your career

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See Yourself as a Qualified Leader and Risk-Taker

Hi, I’m Nancy Gettridge, Founder of Phenomenal Image. 

Imagine enjoying coming to work doing what you were meant to do. It doesn’t even feel like work.  You’re confident and vibrant and you feel like you’re finally in control of your life… 

Your landing on this page suggests that you sense there has to be more than where you are now in your career.  Your presence is much more than filling space and going through the motions of life. You are divinely made and your skills and abilities are designed for you to carry out your purpose. 

It is in discovering the way you work in the world that you will find your style of influence. That’s your power.

Don’t wait for others to give you permission to live your calling.  Whether you are overlooked for leadership roles at your job or you weren’t invited to your company’s leadership development program, you have options to gain the training and coaching you need to reach your full potential.

In fact, the numbers are in:  Having women in positions of leadership and on boards help increase a company’s bottom line.*  So why aren’t there more women in senior leadership roles?  Here are reasons why women are underrepresented in senior leadership positions.   

However, research also confirms that women are plagued by self-doubt; often underestimating their skills and performance.**

I’m sounding the alarm:

Step out of the box that others (or yourself) have placed you.
The world needs you now!

Whether you’re a business owner, returning to the workforce or you’re just starting your career and want to move up the corporate ladder,  I can help you align your personality with your purpose and help you get clear on your career path.  Our purpose is helping you conquer your fears, see your value, renew your passion and use your power to reach your full potential.

When you embrace who you are and understand your purpose, you’ll become confident in taking risks, maximizing opportunities and be at peace with yourself.

If anything I’ve mentioned resonates with you, then this site is for you. We have tools, resources, and information to help you see yourself as a qualified leader and risk-taker.

You’ll get help on taking control of your career and becoming confident in you and your future.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to get our Take Control Blueprint to see how we can help you take actionable steps to take control of your career.  Just complete the form below and you’re on your way.  

With love, 

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You Always Had Power
We Coach You On How to Use It

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*Women Improve the Bottom Line:
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