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I am truly blessed

I came to Phenomenal Image needing help with making my new venture a reality. I knew what I wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure how to go about achieving it. Nancy helped me line my personal mission to my company’s mission and how I wanted to present my company to the public. In a short time, I have partnered with an organization to offer theater classes and I am in talks for a possible joint venture with a school system. I am truly blessed with having Phenomenal Image in my corner.

I feel more confident

Nancy assisted me during a very difficult time in my life… I must say that I feel more confident and I have a more positive outlook on life. As a result of her services, I was able to secure a better job. I am also more comfortable to networking in the entertainment industry that has led to a new gig. I highly recommend Phenomenal Image. Nancy will help you change for the better.

Donneisha C.

I’m Excited

For anyone looking to build their confidence and pursue new opportunities, I recommend Phenomenal Image. I was frustrated in a job that I hated. Nancy helped me figure out what I wanted and I stepped out on faith, quit my job and pursued my dream job. I was just offered a position in the field I have my degree in with more pay! I am excited about my new beginning. Thank you!

Beverly M.

A Resource

Let me congratulate you on being a resource to assist us in being comfortable in our skin.

Leonora A.

I was able to realize the value of assessment

Phenomenal Image coaching services gave me a venue for channeling my personal and emotional needs and priorities first so that I could get to the business priorities needed for my successful business planning…It was through these introspective activities that I was able to realize the value of assessment of my priorities and planning efforts to make effective management of my goals issue #1.

K. Roberson

“I have a new outlook…”

I now have a new outlook on shopping: I only buy what flatters, seek brighter more vibrant colors to match my personality, and feel more prepared and empowered to embrace my new life as a full time entrepreneur. Sometimes we need an objective and knowledgeable guide in out transitions. Nancy has given awesome and structured advisement as it pertains to my wardrobe and look for my newest profession.

Erica C.

Where Could You Use Some Help?

Know Your Power

Before your career (what you do), there is you. We help you see yourself as the significant and powerful person you are before the title.

Know Your Power

Career Path Strategy

Let's take look at what you're called to do. We help you get clear on your vision for your career and create an action plan to get there.

Career Path Strategy

Leadership Skills

Leadership is more than a title. We help you hone the skills to move from thinking like a "manager" to the mindset of a "visionary"

Leadership Skills

Executive Presence

We help you achieve a polished professional image so you can concentrate on what you do best while helping your team become their best.

Executive Presence

1:1 Coaching

We offer solutions to help you resolve unique career challenges that are specific to your situation.

1:1 Coaching

Resources and Tools

Get free and paid resources you can use that can help you achieve your career goals.

Resources and Tools

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