We give you the tools to get clear on your career path, know your value and not settle for less.

  • Frustrated because you feel like you’re stuck in a job that does not allow you to use your God-given talent?
  • Stressed because you feel like you’ve hit your career ceiling?
  • Feel like you’re too old to pursue your dreams or start a new career?
  • Do you help everyone else and put your needs last on your to-do list?

That was me.

My career stalled. I listened to the noise about how being a woman of color and a mother limits my career options. Well-meaning family and friends offered advice to count my blessings and “play it safe”.

I suppressed my dreams and settled for jobs where my skills were under-utilized and my salary was just enough to pay my bills. Many times I was fearful of losing my job when I had to stay at home because one of my kids were ill. Motivated by frustration, I decided to pursue my childhood dream of going into business for myself.

It didn’t work.

I wish I could say starting my business was the answer to my problems.   Although I was no longer afraid of losing my job, I became a prisoner of perfection.  I was paralyzed from taking action until I perceived everything was just right.

I second-guess myself when it came to pursuing my dreams. I reacted to situations instead of being proactive.  For example,  I was willing to negotiate my prices because I did not see the value in my services.

I also took on clients that were outside the scope of my services because I feared not making enough.  I often struggled to complete those projects; often pulling all-nighters to finish.  

I became depressed.  There were many nights I have lain awake trying to figure out what to do.  I knew something had to change because I was dying inside. 

My “Aha” Moment

I was anxious about turning down an opportunity to appear on a television show. I remember feeling upset trying to figure out why I was sabotaging myself.

Later that evening, I turned on the tv. A woman was talking about how she was feeling sorry for herself. She said she remembered hearing “You can either be pitiful or powerful, but you can’t be both.”

That was my “Aha moment”.  I will never achieve my purpose if I continued to dwell on regrets. I cannot continue to allow fear, situations, and circumstances to prevent me from pursuing my dreams.

With the help of “my team”, I pushed through my fears. I took time to know my power. I began to accept who I am — flaws and all.  I began to understand and embrace my God-given purpose. I’m still a work in progress; that’s just a part of this journey called life.  But I know that I’m fine no matter what.  My purpose is to help others do the same.

We help women navigate to their definition of success.

The idea for Phenomenal Image was in 2005 after many clients asked for advice on how to make a great first impression when going on job interviews.  I enjoyed providing styling advice and from there Phenomenal Image was born. Our services shifted from “making you look good on paper” to “making you look like the leader you are”.

Phenomenal Image has since expanded our services to take a holistic approach to leadership.  We help women:

  • Embrace what makes them unique
  • Develop leadership skills, and
  • Overcome workplace challenges.

In a nutshell, we help women see themselves as qualified leaders and risk-takers.  (You can read more about why we focus on women leaders)

Education | Experience

I’ve helped women to build their confidence through enhancing their image and executive coaching. A certified Business Image Consultant, I have over 20 years experience in the beauty industry.

For about six years, I’ve coached clients on achieving their career goals and overcome leadership and workplace challenges. Pulling from my own experiences, along with academic research and my certified training in Career, Confidence, Group Life Coaching, Life Purpose, Life Story, REBT Mindset and Women’s Empowerment Success Coaching, I help my clients see themselves as qualified leaders and risk-takers. You can learn about our coaching philosophy here.

My educational background includes an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a bachelor’s degree in Business. I’ve also taken post-graduate courses in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and continuing courses in Emotional Intelligence and Competitive Strategy to name a few.

More importantly, I have mutually fulfilling relationships with family, friends, and peers. I am committed to living my purpose by helping others do the same.

My prayer for you

My goal is to create a site that equips you with the tools to help you get clear on your career path and take control of your career.  

As our paths cross, I pray that you find peace in embracing and celebrating who you are.  I hope that you will see yourself as God sees you.  I pray that you become all that God has called you to be and that you enjoy working in your purpose. 


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