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We don’t want you to Leave Empty Handed!

Here’s a Proactive Career Tip:

Be Employable

You will most likely change professions/jobs throughout your career, so don’t allow yourself to become complacent in your current job. Look for ways to become employable (possess a variety of skills that are transferable between jobs). Some of the ways to do this is to learn other functions/roles within your company through volunteering, seeking projects to work on, etc. Another way to develop skills are to take courses to obtain the skills you lack for your dream career (A Google search for “free online courses” will show a considerable number of courses. Or you may decide to obtain a degree or certification.

Not sure what skills are needed for your dream career?

O*net (onetonline.org) is a career tool that has detailed descriptions of careers: Search your dream job in O*net; take an inventory of the skills you lack and look for courses that offer training in those areas. Whether you are just starting out or recreating your career, O*net can provide information about your chosen career.

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