Attitude Makes All the Difference

Vulgar Language Constantly cursing – every other word is a curse word.
Poor Etiquette Rude behavior:  burping out loud, cursing, insulting others, etc.
Being Unprepared Always caught off-guard at meetings, presentations, etc.
Personal Problems You talk to everyone in the office about your marriage, children, in-laws, siblings, etc. (Everyone knows why Aunt Mable is upset with  your spouse).
Gossiping Talking negatively about co-workers and others in the office.
Lack of Confidence You have a poor self-image (You see yourself as not good enough).
Negative Everything seems hopeless, impossible, etc.  Focusing on what’s bad in every situation
Attitude Your attitude creates an energy that can be felt even before you say a word. And it can attract people to you or repel them. Your attitude can tell people how to treat you.


If possible, before meeting someone or attending an event, try to go somewhere where you can take a moment for yourself to relax.  You may use the time to say a prayer, do breathing exercises, close your eyes and meditate on scripture; encourage yourself to have fun, remind yourself of the goals you want to achieve your goals at the event, speak about what you are grateful for, etc.  Try it, it really works. Many times poor etiquette is due to a lack of understanding; especially if you are traveling abroad. This is where being prepared comes in.  Take time to find out about the culture and etiquette in that country. A poor self-esteem can manifest from several factors: It can stem from childhood, lack of preparation, seeking perfection, etc. Please know that God sees you as a masterpiece and you were created for a specific and special purpose. You are not an accident nor are you a mistake. You are equipped to handle anything that comes your way. It does not matter what others say, it only matters what you say about yourself. You were not supposed to be like anyone else – you are an original. Embrace your uniqueness and become the best you can be. Be comfortable in your skin… When you love yourself, it will be easier to love others.

The Key

The key for a positive attitude is to change your focus from what’s wrong to what’s right:  To what you can give to others. When you change your focus, you will not have time to gossip about others, you will understand that your words are energy and so you will bless and not curse. You will begin to see that there are possibilities and it will begin to shape your future.

For Reflection:

What three words would you use to describe your image? Does it fit your personality? What image is conveyed by leaders in your organization? How does your image fit in your organization’s culture?

Next Lesson

I hope you enjoyed this lesson objective on communication blunders.   The next lesson will be on becoming aware of how others perceive your image.   Coming straight to your mailbox in the next several days.   In the meantime, feel free to comment below or if you have an questions, please feel free to contact me.