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A term frequently used by companies is a “team player”. Several jobs require that employees become team players. You may have heard “team players” so often that it becomes an empty term. However, it’s the contrary – although being a team player is a broad term, it can include an important attribute that employers appreciate: leadership.

Being a leader in the workplace does not require that you hold the title of manager, supervisor or other “official” position. A leader in the workplace may be someone who sets a good example for others and/or heading up office programs and projects.

Showing leadership qualities is important to getting the official title. When you show leadership qualities, you position yourself into getting the title.

Are Leaders Born or Made?

Leadership is about leveraging your influence and possessing the skills to best leverage your influence. It’s possible that a person may naturally possess many essential leadership skills; But you can learn these same skills. We design our coaching services to help you develop these important skills.

Here are some tips and ideas on how to maximize your influence:

Be Confident

There’s a saying that can serve you well: “Never let them see you sweat.” No one is perfect; but appearing confident inspires others to trust you and take your advice. One way to ensure that you appear self-assured is not to talk too much about your fears and concerns. Talk to friends outside of the workplace about your uncertainties.

See the Good in Others

Being able to see good traits in others is a useful leadership trait in the workplace. If you need to put certain people in charge of certain tasks, it pays to know who will do well. Also, you may see potential in a co-worker and “stretch” him or her by requesting a task that may be challenging. This improves the overall skill set of the workforce and helps build self-esteem in your co-workers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate

There’s a difference between being a people person and being a people pleaser. A people person is someone who genuinely loves people and is not afraid to ask others for help. Leadership doesn’t mean doing everything yourself; It means that you are comfortable releasing some control and delegating tasks to others.

Appreciate Co-Workers

No one wants to work for/with someone who doesn’t appreciate them. When you recognize and thank co-workers for sharing their time and talents, we can misinterpret it. Remember: There would be no leaders if there are no followers. People who feel appreciated may be more likely to follow your lead next time.

Be a Problem Solver

If you have ideas on how to solve dilemmas, problems and have resourceful ideas about how to accomplish a goal or project, speak up. Employers value the ability to think through a problem and find a creative solution. This is a valuable leadership quality.

Leadership is not only for those who hold the title. Nor do you have to wait until you hold the title to show leadership skills. Leadership is a mindset you can develop right now.

I have a free resource that provides more insight into becoming the leader you aspire to be.