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Don’t keep score of the wrongs done to you. This will only keep you bitter and rob you of the time and energy necessary to achieve your career goals. Instead, keep a gratitude “hit list” of those to whom you are thankful. Create a gratitude journal to help you navigate your career and to record your hit list.

A gratitude journal is documenting people, things, and experiences that you are thankful for. A gratitude journal helps reframe your experiences as positive and beneficial for your growth. A perfect tool to help you sort through the lessons of your career experiences.

Create Your Gratitude Journal

Your journal should be simple and easy to access. The first step is to decide the platform. Your journal can be a blank journal or a notebook. You can also use word processing software such as Word or a journal app.

The next step is to begin writing. But where to begin?

You can begin by being thankful for the job that you have. There are so many people that would love to be in your position to have a steady paycheck. Even if the job is not ideal, what purpose does it serve? Does it allow you to pay your bills? What have you learned through this job? What new skills or abilities have you uncovered since being in this position? Have you met wonderful people that you may not have otherwise met through your job? What have your experiences in this job taught you about yourself?

What about your employees? They help you accomplish your company’s mission. How have you thanked them?

You can also document your successes. Express your gratitude to those who helped you and the lessons you have learned from them.

You can record your career shortcomings. What lessons have you learned? Are you thankful for the insight that those experiences presented?

Thankfulness is a choice. When you are thankful for your experiences, you are open to exploring overlooked possibilities.

I’m a firm believer that everything that happens is a life lesson. It’s your responsibility to find the lesson in your experiences. Use your career endeavors as a stepping stone to achieving your purpose.

Do It Now:

Create your gratitude hit list. Who are those persons who helped you become the person you are? Who have you followed that served as a point of reference on navigating your career? Is it a former employer, a friend or someone you never met?
Once you create your hit list, make it a point to thank them. Write a note, send a card, send an email or if possible, thank them in person.

And, if you’re in the position to give your employees a bonus, why not do so? If a bonus is not possible, you could give gift cards, pay for lunch, give tickets to a show. These gestures of gratitude will strengthen your working relationships.

Make a daily habit of writing your gratitude. You’ll begin to see opportunities that you may never see if you focus on what’s wrong.

Have a great week!

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