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Companies constantly assess their business health to determine whether they are on the right track. They understand that they have to know where they are to know where they’re going.

The same applies to your career. Knowing where you are now provides the information needed to assess whether you are meeting your career goals. When you assess the state of your career, you can notice changes in your industry, organization, or personal life that may require you to adapt.

Throughout your career journey, you will face situations that may question your abilities, qualifications or whether you are want to continue to pursue your career goals. Although you cannot know what challenges you will face, you can prepare how you would respond in various situations. For instance, you create a mantra that you can remind yourself of your purpose or mission during times you may feel like giving up.

What you do know is that whatever comes will eventually pass. You’ll get through it. You’re more powerful than you know and more resilient than you realize.

Our pilot resources comprise two areas that serve a specific purpose: 1.) Learning how to overcome workplace challenges, and 2.) Assessing the status of your career.

Where you should start:

If you have established career goals and want to explore how you’re doing now in your career or unhappy with where you are, then the state of your career is your answer.

If you are experiencing a crisis in your career, overcoming workplace challenges is your solution.

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State of Your Career