Share Your Vision

Freedom Principle #2:

You’ll Never Succeed Alone: Share Your Vision

The major role of senior leaders is to create a strategic vision that conveys the future of the organization. Top leaders are also tasked with directing efforts to achieve the company’s mission. One of the challenges you face as leader is implementing the necessary changes to accomplish the firm’s vision. However, It’s easy to become so engrossed on the objectives that you lose sight of what’s essential to reaching the vision: Your team. It’s important that you don’t allow your personal goals, like fame or status to overshadow the needs of your employees.

As a change leader, it’s your responsibility to align your organization’s people with your change strategy.  Change requires the commitment of various employees within the organization. Share your vision with your staff, explain the changes needed, provide an opportunity for input (you alone don’t have all of the answers) and integrate their ideas into the vision. When you do, your employees are in a position to be motivated to engage with your vision.

Allow your employees to become involved in achieving the company’s goals by creating a work environment conducive to employees’ sense of ownership.  Both you and your employees will be free to concentrate on doing your parts to fulfill your firm’s vision.

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