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What Happens When Leaders Improperly Judge

Are You Guilty of Misjudging? The fact is that we make judgments every day. We judge places, things, situations and yes, we judge people. When used properly, judging can be very effective in assessments. We can use information, experiences, and situations to make an informed decision. Leaders may have to judge a particular situation to decide what action to take. Or they may use information about a person as to whether or not, they may …

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Are You Really Smart About Your Most Important Goals?

So research indicates that only 8 out of 100 people who set goals actually achieve them. Why is that? Well, setting a goal is a great idea, but it’s not a set it and forget it deal. To accomplish the goals you set, you need to be smart. S-M-A-R-T, that is.  SMART is the acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Why Do SMART Goals Work? SMART goals work because you are able to …

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Become A Better Listener By Asking Questions

Have you ever notice that some people don’t like to ask questions? It’s understandable when those questions are personal. You don’t want to offend anyone. However, most people will give answers to questions asked of them. So why are we so afraid to ask? When you ask questions, you have the necessary tools to become a better listener.  It’s indirect and subtle, but most of all, it works.  And, when you ask a question, you …

Are You Committed to Excellence?

Although many have thrown around the term, “committed to excellence”, do we really understand what it means? Aristotle had a novel description of excellence. Here’s the full quote…” Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle was …

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The Buck Stops With You

Take Responsibility For Your Mistakes When you make a mistake (and you will because you’re only human), promptly admit it, fix it and move on. What a waste of resources used to figure out what happened when someone knows but is unwilling to say. That time can be better utilized by resolving the problem. And, the truth always comes out. The consequences are usually greater than if you had immediately admitted the mistake. Not only …

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Don’t Become a Victim of Groupthink

As more companies use collaboration to manage teams, leaders should become aware of groupthink.  Groupthink is the mindless compliance of group members to avoid the potential of negative views within the group.   Groupthink presents challenges to mental efficiency, reality testing and ethics (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2009). Groupthink is dysfunctional because members of the team try to be unanimous in thought.  The group ignores external information that could help the group decide the best course of action to a situation. This poses a …

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Wake Up America!

This week’s reflection article was scheduled to discuss refusing to allow what others say about us to change your opinion of yourself.  I will post that next week. I felt compelled to share these thoughts instead… My heart aches for America. This week has been very hard. I deeply grieve for those who lost their lives this week due to violence based on anger, hate, bias, and fear. I weep for the young black men whose …

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What About Winning?

The concept of winning is all around us. There’s political races, athletic competitions, contests, academic contests, cooking contests, eating contests. You name it. And in these contests, there’s always a winner. In the workplace, many consider themselves winners when they achieve the title. For others, it’s the money and for another it’s power. But what does winning really mean? Is it really about obtaining the external benefits? The accolades are very nice and there’s nothing …

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How to use Leadership Styles to Overcome Gender Stereotypes

Research suggests that women are perceived to possess support skills while lacking strategic skills such as vision. These stereotypes are the epitome of the Think Crisis, Think Female” Association and the Glass Cliff Phenomenon in which females have leadership qualities associated with failing companies and are more likely hired to lead organizations in precarious situations. These special skills include the ability to balance risks, being able to pragmatically cope with failure and the desire to help the …

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