work-life balance:  mother is feeding her child

Every-day life can be a challenge.

Work, family and community responsibilities compete for attention. Businesses are open 24/7 due to technology and globalization. It may feel like a juggling act to get everything done.+ You may even feel you’re “on” 24 hours every day.

Media has painted a picture of how successful work-life balance should look.

The problem is that everyone is different. Today’s families have various structures. No longer is the norm of the traditional “husband, wife two kids and the white picket fence. Many families are blended and culture, beliefs, and their environment bring unique perspectives into an individual’s life.

What works for one person, may not work for someone else.

Each person must discover how satisfactory work life balance looks to them.

So can life and work co-exist?


So how do you make it work?

You can start by taking inventory of your life to find your needs. Here are five areas of your life to take review:

Love yourself first

It’s natural to worry about the ones you love, but who is never at the top?


Why is that? Is it because you are the only one in the family who can take care of your loved ones? Have you considered who else can help?

Perhaps you are a single parent and everything falls on you. Or maybe you’re married, but you handle the bulk of everything around the home. You may live in a 3 or 4 generation household and you care for both your elderly parents and your young kids.

I get it.

But you’re not superhuman. You are only flesh. You must take care of yourself so you can be around for others.

Think of those around you. What responsibilities can they share? If relevant, your spouse and kids can help with household duties. Perhaps you can partner with other parents and build a buddy system.

Maybe you’re single without kids. but, being single does not make you the default “fill-in” person at work or personally.

Think of ways you can get help. Sometimes, you just need to ask. Asking for help does not make you weak or incompetent.

It makes you human.

And as humans, we need each other.

Make your health a priority

Great health can make your best life better.

A balanced diet is essential to your well-being. A balanced diet lifts your mood and gives you energy and a confidence that ycan impact the world. Healthy habits, such as hand-washing, getting adequate sleep, and vaccinations can help prevent illness and keep you fit.


Exercise has many benefits. Exercise promotes quality sleep, maintains weight, improves mood and boosts energy*. Combining your diet with exercise aids in balancing your life and can keep stress at bay.

Are you happy?

What areas in your life need your attention? For example, are there relationships that could use a re-boot? Or should you leave a relationship? Are you holding onto activities, situations, or mindsets that are draining?

It’s time to make a change.


Are you satisfied in your career? How can you make it better? Could you negotiate flexibility or telecommuting? Would a transfer to another department help? You could also learn a new skill. Is it time to explore something better?

Now is the time to assess your achievements: Do you think your job is meaningful? Are you your company’s best kept secret? Do you feel your company undervalues your work?

How are your finances? Does your income cover your expenses or do you live above your means? What expenses can you decrease to maximize your dollars?

Maybe you lost your job. Could this be an opportunity to get your dream job? Or work at your dream company? Start a business? In the meantime, where can you add income to support your family?

Please Note

These questions may be difficult to answer. Take your time and think about each question. Awareness is the first step to balance.

You do not have to struggle to achieve balance in your life. Each of us can view our lives and our careers as important to our well-being. We should decide how we integrate our personal and professional lives.

It takes a village to raise a family and so we do not have to do everything alone. We can set the boundaries necessary to successfully manage our lives. When community, companies and family work together, there’s nothing we cannot do.

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