Casual Friday – Professional casual dress for the office

Many companies relax their dress code for their employees by allowing them to dress down on Fridays.  Known as “Casual Friday” or “Dress Down Friday”, this is a gesture that allows employees to be comfortable while working.  Many times employees look to leaders or management in the company to guide them in casual dress.  This is usually detailed in a dress code policy, but a lot of times, actions speak louder than words.  Here are some ideas for casual dress while still maintaining a professional presence.  For example, trouser denim offers the casual feel of denim, but the trouser cut offers the put together look.  Paired with a cardigan or a structured sweater, you can still be a part of the team while maintaining casual dress policy.  One may argue that shoes should still be closed toe and in many conservative offices, that may still hold true.  However, many modern offices allow an open toe shoe (no metallics, thin straps, stiletto heel, etc.) for dress-down Friday.

What type of office environment do you work?

What is your company’s casual dress policy?

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