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Focus and Achieve Laser Coaching

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What if you had the flexibility to get career coaching without having to wait for your next monthly session?

You are self-motivated and need a quick check-in for focus or accountability on a particular situation.

The good news is that you can have your 15-minute session and be on your way.

It’s called “Focus and Succeed” laser coaching program, a one-year coaching program that allows you to stay focused on getting things done.

You have unlimited focused coaching sessions within the year.

Laser coaching offers the attention of private sessions on a specific focus – specific, prepared and succinct – in 15 minutes.

The Process

Here's how it works:


We begin with a 30-minute enrollment interview.

We explore the possibility of working together and whether laser coaching would be the best program for your needs.


If we mutually agree to work together…

We discuss your career plans and identify your biggest goals. You will then create a plan of action, creating steps to reach your goal.


You’ll be given your first homework assignment

Complete your homework. Once completed, schedule your next 15-minute session. *All subsequent sessions will be 15-minutes.


Each session will consist of homework.

For accountability, the next session cannot be scheduled until the homework is completed and submitted.


Your investment covers 12 months

One price includes an entire year of unlimited laser coaching.


*By Invitation Only

This service is reserved for Phenomenal Image clients who have at least taken the State of Your Career Review. This ensures each client has the foundation necessary for this fast-paced goal achievement.

Focus and Succeed laser coaching program is not for everyone.

This program is for you if the following describes you:


Understands the power of the big picture.

Overcomes temptation | Self-disciplined.

Need 1:1 support.

Are Coachable

Do not get caught up in the details.

Has a positive attitude

Takes responsibility for your actions.

Ready to get laser focused and succeed?

Here’s everything in our Focus and Succeed Laser Coaching Program:

  1. Initial 30-minute interview session

  2. Identify your biggest career goal.

  3. Action plan to achieve the goal.

  4. Unlimited subsequent 15-minute laser sessions for a year

  5. Session homework is to be completed prior to scheduling the next session.

  6. Downloadable recordings of each session

  7. Confirmation email with homework assignment


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