Redefine Your Job Through Job Crafting

Redefine Your Job through Job Crafting | Phenomenal Image

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Feeling Unmotivated At Work These Days?

Try spicing up your work by redesigning your job.

Organizations often redefine jobs to increase worker productivity. They use techniques designed to increase employee satisfaction and boost motivation. This usually involves planning and analysis to review and redefine each position. But, you can increase your personal development and reengage with your work. Job crafting* is an approach in which you adjust your job to reflect your skills and interests.

Benefits to Job Crafting

The idea of job crafting is that employees take a personal approach to how they work. When employees customize their jobs to reflect what’s meaningful to them, they become satisfied. These employees are more engaged in their work and are productive.* You’ll also become more confidence in your abilities and may enhance opportunities.

Job Crafting 101

There are three areas you can craft your job:

Change Your Tasks

Revise how you work. Add tasks that you find meaningful. Improve improve the way you work; integrate your strengths, use your abilities. For example, let’s say you are a buyer at an organization. You have a passion for technology. You have an idea to use a forum platform to communicate with vendors. Your idea expedites the purchasing process and saves the firm time and money.

Change Your Work Relationships

Adjust your interactions with other coworkers or employees while performing job duties. This may include changing how, when and with whom you work. (i.e., As a buyer, you partner with a coworker in the IT department to design an app that tracks orders in real time)

Change Your Perception

Re-imagine how you view your job. Instead of seeing yourself as an order processor, recognize the importance of your job. You provide material solutions necessary to the daily operations of the company. Without the resources to carry out the mission of the company, there would be no organization.


Remember, you are responsible for all duties of your job. Also, consider how changes may affect your employees. To help prevent taking on more than you can handle, start with making small changes. One change can make all the difference. There are many reasons that one may feel the “blahs” about their job and there is no one universal solution. And you may not be in a position to quit (nor may you want to). Job crafting is one way to take control of your career and add individual purpose to your work. And, you’ll be doing your part to help your company achieve its mission.


Think about your job. What do you enjoy about it? How can you expand these joys in your duties? Think about what motivates you. What are you passionate about? How can you apply your interests to your job? Which area (Task, relationship, perception) can you immediately apply your interests and passions? How will adding these interests impact your employees and coworkers? Will adding these interests to your duties advance your employer’s mission? Is adding these interests a positive impact your peers and advance the company’s mission? If yes, make the change. Job crafting is a continuous process. Make a routine of reviewing how you can improve your job by making it more meaningful.

Have a great week!

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